Special report from @csjthinktank “Parallel societies” exposes slavery, exploitation & criminal subculture in Leicester. What’s been created is a lawless state, corruption at every level – passports, immigration status, false driving licences — Iain Duncan Smith MP (@MPIainDS) August 15, 2020 That modern slavery is alive and causing so much misery in the UnitedContinue reading “Shameful”

Chechnya and the Gay Purge

Just watched a fascinating but horrific documentary on the BBC iPlayer about how Chechnya is trying to purge their country of gay people, whether through forcing them out or killing them……but there is definitely a violent crackdown being thrust upon gay people, and being gay, a lesbian or transgender can get you killed as theyContinue reading “Chechnya and the Gay Purge”

Starmer and his fence sitting….

It is being suggested that Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour party could kick out the infamous anti semite terrorist loving Jeremy Corbyn. He is going to decide when he has had chance to read the commissioned report into anti semetism in Labour under Corbyn. I have been sent this report and will be readingContinue reading “Starmer and his fence sitting….”

It’s not about racism.’s about wanting everything on a plate.

BLM have come up with some Humdingers, but those listed below have to be the most stupid I have ever read. They seem to just want everything handed on a plate….go earn it like the 99.9% of white people had too … Here are their stupid racist 10 demands: 1. White people, if you don’t haveContinue reading “It’s not about racism.’s about wanting everything on a plate.”