When the human spirit overcomes

Ahmad Nawaz, 19, almost lost an arm when the Taliban unleashed fury at his school in Peshawar in December 2014. Pictured: Mr Nawaz today
Ahmad Nawaz

Ahmad Nawaz is quite frankly an extraordinary young man. You see he has seen more evil in his short life than most of us could ever imagine and it started one day when the Taliban attacked his school bus in the district of Peshawar, Pakistan in December 2014. He had to pretend to be dead amongst his fellow pupils and the massacre ended up with the murder of 150 children, including Ahmad’s 13 year old Brother. This act of brutality was committed purely because the children wanted an education, something that we in the West take so much for granted. The teenager, who witnessed his teachers being burned alive in the atrocity, was rushed to hospital in Peshawar and later flown to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for further treatment.   

The Doctors thought they would have to amputate his arm, but thankfully he pulled through and he has now through all his hard work and the desire to overcome has secured a place at one of Great Britain’s most prestigious centres of learning, Oxford University.

When he is not studying, he tours schools giving anti-radicalisation talks and sharing his incredible story. ‘This is like a second life,’ said the student, who attended King Edward’s High School for Boys in Edgbaston.

I have a feeling that this very special young man will have an awful lot to offer the world and that it will be for good as he has seen the evil that men do in the name of religion and beaten them.

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6 thoughts on “When the human spirit overcomes

        1. On the fact that someone tried to kill him for wanting an education. He had to overcome seeing his teachers burn to death, his younger brother killed….PTSD…moving to a new country….years in therapy….My god is that not enough for you and your safe life??


          1. You only have to read the media, the reports and the increase in crime to realise that you cannot settle people who have forced their way here, and expect them to adapt. We are to blame for making it too easy for them to come here. I am hoping that Pritti Patel will go ahead with the points system and take in those who can benefit this country, and also take those in who are genuine refugees. When you see them in the boats all young men, you have to ask yourself why have they not stayed and fight? Surely their families and country is worth fighting for? They do not belong here and if they are not genuine then they need to be returned to France. After all they have passed through so many safe countries to get here…..


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