What will it take for the leftist media to notice…..

In #HongKong decent people are being arrested on trumped up charges using the National Security Law, some facing life imprisonment. The sole purpose of these arrests is to stop them calling for freedom & democracy. I have one question: why isn't this being reported by the UK..1/2 https://t.co/4SbJ1BKOJR — Iain Duncan Smith MP (@MPIainDS) AugustContinue reading “What will it take for the leftist media to notice…..”

The Golden Age of Film.

Like most families we have Sky, Netflix and Amazon….Mr Points of Sue went mad and decided to get the Disney channel for the grandchildren he says, but funny how it’s always on the superheroes…..and my grandchildren always on the laptops we bought them…. Anyhow I am a lover of the Black and White films. MoreContinue reading “The Golden Age of Film.”

Making our concerns known is a start…..

Alongside Australia, Canada, New Zealand & US we have made clear our grave concern at the postponement of Hong Kong’s elections & unjust disqualification of opposition candidates. Authorities must uphold democratic rights & freedoms enshrined in Basic Lawhttps://t.co/QPlkL5HJYm — Dominic Raab (@DominicRaab) August 9, 2020 The Governments of free countries must do everything in itsContinue reading “Making our concerns known is a start…..”