We don’t want virtual signalling….we want action…

THREAD: The number of illegal small boat crossings is appalling and unacceptably high. The figures are shameful. France and other EU states are safe countries. Genuine refugees should claim asylum there, not risk their lives and break the law by coming to the UK. pic.twitter.com/qy2ykYicvl — Priti Patel (@pritipatel) August 7, 2020

Labour trying to divert from their problems again.

Shadow Labour Party Deputy Angela Rayner is calling on the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to produce the evidence that Dominic Cummings did not break the lockdown rules when he needed to go to his parents house. This came about because he and his wife were unwell and his child is autistic. Having autistic grandchildren IContinue reading “Labour trying to divert from their problems again.”