The intolerance of BLM and ANTIFA

Man and his wife leaving White House get mobbed on their way back to their hotel by livid protesters. — Phillip Nieto (@nieto_phillip) August 28, 2020 Are always the angry ones and unless you follow their permanently offended agenda, then you are the enemy. It’s about time the police and the army came downContinue reading “The intolerance of BLM and ANTIFA”

Prisons need to change by making it harder, sentences need to be longer and make criminals payback costs.

Like most people I am mortified that the killers of PC Andrew Harper not only got an unbelievably low sentence, but they have also had access to the legal aid which seems to be an endless supply of monies for lawyers defending the scum of the earth. £465,000 is the cost so far and itContinue reading “Prisons need to change by making it harder, sentences need to be longer and make criminals payback costs.”

BLM complaining we stopped listening….

That will be because we have stopped listening…. — Teresa (@teresadg0) August 26, 2020 It seems that the BLM activists are complaining that they are not being heard in the UK. I would actually be more correct in saying you are being ignored as we are tired and bored of the outrage, and demandsContinue reading “BLM complaining we stopped listening….”

Why those rioting have no direction and no understanding..

It was interesting and somewhat amusing to see that BLM and Antifa are demanding the end of capitalism, along with many other things that are just really nonsense and dummy spitting, but the end of capitalism was the one that got me…. Who will pay for their future or the future of their children ifContinue reading “Why those rioting have no direction and no understanding..”

Waste of Money

Tax payer funded! What in the ever living fck?!!?! — #KBF Naginder Padmaja Chanpreet (@NChanpreet) August 26, 2020 Outrageous and a total waste of tax payers money. The MOD needs to stop with the wokeness…it’s an Army for god sake….all the MOD is creating is a next generation of softies…. Instead of advertising forContinue reading “Waste of Money”

This is what pride in your country looks like….

I am proud to call this great nation home. This is the land I made my homeAnd it made me one of her own.This is my United KingdomThis is our United KingdomThis is the land of hope and glory! Enough with the wokery bakwas.Be proud, be patriotic!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 — Aman Bhogal 🇬🇧🇮🇳 (@AmandeepBhogal) August 26,Continue reading “This is what pride in your country looks like….”

Come on Boris get rid of the woke wetness that is unBritish Broadcasting Corporation.

'I think it's time we stop this general bout of self-recrimination and wetness'@BorisJohnson gives his view on the row over over the playing of Rule Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory in the Last Night of the Proms — ITV News Politics (@ITVNewsPolitics) August 25, 2020