Wonder why Starmer doesn’t want voter ID.

The Government’s plans on voter ID risk locking people out of democracy.https://t.co/Y6qmsuQRem — Keir Starmer (@Keir_Starmer) July 29, 2020 Could it be that fraudulent votes tend to be in Labours favour. We know that the postal vote is open to massive fraud and this needs to be stopped. What is there to worry about whenContinue reading “Wonder why Starmer doesn’t want voter ID.”

Alistair Campbell and his self righteous pontificating.

Wrote this for @TweetTheArticle yesterday. In light of what has happened since in the North of England, more relevant. The Spain thing was a distraction from what they knew was coming. All about news management not dealing with the problem https://t.co/fTWNwrMCuM — ALASTAIR CAMPBELL (@campbellclaret) July 31, 2020 I have a huge problem with AlistairContinue reading “Alistair Campbell and his self righteous pontificating.”

Poor Hong Kong

William Stevenson was one of the first foreign correspondents to visit the People’s Republic of China. Decades later, despite its transformation, @jotted, his daughter and a business correspondent in Hong Kong, recognizes the same country. https://t.co/oH7YrkGNwj — The New York Times (@nytimes) July 31, 2020 The people of Hong Kong have really never stood aContinue reading “Poor Hong Kong”