Why are fee earners not appreciated in statutory inspections ?

Having discussed this across a number of job roles with people, the thing that stands out to me is that for a considerable amount of time the fee earners is not appreciated nor their input requested.

The problem is you have the click of office staff who because of being in direct contact with Directors, feel they are the elite and boy are they wrong.

When CEOs send out podcasts instead of getting out to the workforce shows a complete lack of understanding, and that without the fee earners, there would be no CEOs and Directors….don your overalls and get out with them.

There needs to be a complete overhaul of the way companies think…and maybe if they got out more they could see how hard the fee earners work. After all what better PR then to have the CEO of a company going from client to client and seeing what those on the ground do. It will be that tick in the box that companies aim for, but very rarely get ..true customer satisfaction.

Just because an employee wears an overall, it doesn’t mean they are not the greatest employee you can have, as they have probably the best face to face customer asset you have, themselves and their skills.

They smooth any issues especially in inspections. I know having worked in an office, that the whole system is geared to the office and not those who actually earn the money. After all the likes of me and all the others were a drain on the money coming in. ..change the attitude as so many people can pick up an admin role, but how many can do statutory inspections?

As an experienced customer service trainer in a previous life, I can guarantee that the company will run better if you take time out to find out what it is your inspection staff do, and their job as we know a lot of senior directors are doing the circuit of high paying jobs……well here’s your chance to learn…..and increase your customer base as well as lowering complaints.

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