The joy of being a dog owner….

Me and my boy Zeus….he is quite simply the apple of my heart and he must of the memory of a goldfish bless him.

My boy Zeus

When we first got him, we noticed that he would not stop piddling and one trip and a night stay at the vets gave us the diagnosis of diabetes insipidus.

Signs and symptoms of diabetes insipidus include:

  • Extreme thirst.
  • Producing large amounts of diluted urine.
  • Frequent need to get up to urinate during the night.

So there we were with the cutest button on the planet and having a lifetime of incontinence. So, promptly bought incontinence sheets for the floor and since then 4.5 years later he comes up to bed and uses the sheets at night. Just boil wash them in the morning and we are good to go again.

Despite his medical problem and the £30 every 3 weeks for his nasal spray, he is quite simply the most beautiful thing on the planet. He sits with me all day and quite often wrapped around the back of my neck and when I move, he moves and people always know when I am in the toilet as Zeus is sat outside waiting. He is always my shadow, and I have lost count of the number of Zoom calls to clients he has been in…..but it does break the ice.

You see when we got Zeus I was still in mourning for the loss of my other beloved JRTs Sandy and Spud and I know people will think I am silly as a I have a loving husband, 3 great children, a wonderful son in law, 3 gorgeous grandchildren and still a parent….my mother here despite me being in my mid 50s and I know people will go oh give me strength….but there was a huge hole in my heart, and I had stopped being the usual happy me.

Mr Points of Sue had gotten me the dogs when the children had started school and being in a Married Quarter friends were not always guaranteed and it was to stop me being lonely, and they did as taking them introduced me to so many people and they were such lovely little things. We had Spud for 12 years before he passed of cancer and 17 years with Sandy and I still miss them to this day.

My eldest son noticed it and said to his dad “mum needs another dog dad as she is unhappy”…..I get told that I am being taken out for a special trip and within 30 minutes I had the most beloved darling in my hands and it was instant love.

We have many a happy adventure together and I am in the process of writing a series of books on all the adventures that he has especially the one with his arch enemy Zimba the Ginger Cat!. Bless him Zeus is not a fighter and gets picked on by all the other cats and he does not retaliate but just looks at it with a resigned look on his face, except when Zimba appears and it almost like the pantomime villain has arrived in the garden.

He hates planes, helicopters, birds and anything flying and that is the only time he barks. I think he wants to paw patrol the skies. He wants loves from me all the time and because of his demands for my attention, another dog is out of the question as it would break his heart. My mother often laughs when she rings me as I am talking to Zeus as if a child and my daughter often says don’t ask mum which one is her favourite as the dog wins it.

It doesn’t matter whether I am fat, thin, ugly, gorgeous as a super model, clever or not….he loves me for being him. When he wakes up in a morning you would think he has not seen me for hours when infact he has been lying next to me all night. Poor Mr Points of Sue gets one side of the bed…me the other and the dog smack back in the middle having to touch us both. I think we have spoilt the pets as the cats are on there too…

When I mention going out he gets so excited and it is a joy to see and I know that I would not be where I am today without him. You see there is nothing worse than being told as a disabled person that you cannot do things…that is the worst thing to say……and I might not walk the quickest and more often than not I get overtaken all the time but I do get out and he has given me the strength to not hide away from the fact I walk slow or need sticks as he is just happy to be out, and doesn’t notice that I have to someone walk with me as I could fall over….he just knows his mum has him out.

He nestles into me for a cuddle and everyday he must have a cuddle and is so in your face, regardless of how I feel he snorts, jumps and up he is on my knee and then in my face and you can hear me giggling and he doesn’t notice if I am struggling to get out of a chair or wracked in pain….. and when I am confined to bed he just wants me and to be by my side.

I always sad that a house is not a home without a dog. I did not realise just how much of a feel good factor such a little thing could have when you have hit the lowest. I think he has made me more like the person I was and being able to mummy him makes me feel as though I am not useless.

The only thing he does that I cannot get him out of is lying down on every walk when he sees a dog….I can understand Alsatian but not a terrier and he does not bark. When he was born he had a perfect little love heart on his nose and I am convinced that was for me and I am so grateful my son found him for me.

So whilst the world is going to hell in a handbasket I have my beautiful little boy who is resting at my feet right now to look at and know that everything is alright…..however, he will probably love any burglar than attack him so no good as a guard dog, and they need to be more scared of the cats than the dog and it comes to something when the postman knocks on to give him a hug……

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