Political stitch up by the Italian Parliament.

Matteo Salvini is the latest politician to be stitched up. He is going to be tried for stopping illegal immigrants disembarking on the shores of Italy, when Italy themselves were crying out for the mass influx to stop.

He was quite right to deny the ship to land as he was looking after the interests of Italy, as lets face it along with Greece they have been the dumping ground of the EU’s and especially Germany’s project of welcoming half the world in. This was meant to cure Germany’s employment problem and in return the immigrants from the Middle East would get everything free. The reality was bedlam which sent the costs soaring to the countries involved and sent crime through the roof and for saying no-more has put Salvini at risk of 15 years.

Shame on the Italian parliament for doing this and it is no doubt something cooked up in the EU to prevent any countries such as Italy wanting to leave the failed project. A new party to exit the EU was set up in Italy and this is the start, and it is a politically motivated witch-hunt. Salvini himself has stated that “if anyone thinks they are going to scare me with a politically-motivated trial, you’ve got the wrong man”.

He is accused of abusing his powers as the then interior minister for preventing more than 80 migrants disembarking. He could not be tried for actions in office and had to be stripped of his parliamentary immunity, and true to form the cowards in office have done this. Shame on them for trying to jail a man for protecting his people.

Salvini “Defending Italy is not a crime, I am proud of it and I would do it again, and I will do it again” said Salvini on Wednesday. It will be interesting to actually see him in Court as he has stated that the decision to do this and get other countries to take their fair share was actually done by the rest of the Cabinet. The naming of names should be epic. He will now become the centre stage and reignite the discussion of how unhappy Italy is, and it will come back to haunt those who are in power now as Italy is struggling from the Covid 19 pandemic, and their financial situation is not getting any better. Can they really afford this fall out as it will once again highlight the failure of the EU letting in so many immigrants and not being prepared for them.

Salvini’s party are still the most popular in Italy and its leaders expect to do well at the next elections, and this alone shows why it is politically motivated and the hands of the EU are in it. After all you cannot have a party in who wants to drop Schengen, drop the euro and who demands to be out of the EU….that is not the EU way at all and all of sudden Italy are given a fortune, and Salvini is heading for trial.

Any dealings with the EU is a deal with the devil as they do not recognise democracy and do not recognise the people being dissatisfied with everything they do. They only recognise that they are the “elite in Europe” as they welcome new MEPs with that pep talk, and that all opposition must be crushed.

This is going to be epic and I for one cannot wait for names to be named and Salvini to be cleared.

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