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I find the subject of denying the holocaust extremely sad and personal especially after having traced my husband’s family and seeing a considerable number of them stop at Belarus in 1942.  There is no further entry of them, and it does not take too much of a stretch of the imagination to realise that they were murdered by the Nazis in WW2, for being nothing more than Jewish.

This is why I find  it so shameful and get so angry that there are holocaust deniers still some 75 years since the war ended despite the videos, the survivors and the articles left behind to show that it happened.  I can remember when I was old enough dad telling me about the concentration camp his unit had liberated, and never had he seen a living hell before and how man could be so inhuman to others and his dislike of the Germans never went away….as he said he has seen what they were capable of and in his eyes it was monstrous.

I myself have lived in Germany and unlike my dad’s first venture into the country I found the people to be very pleasant.  Infact, in our married quarter the shortly to retire RAF chap next door had a much older wife by some 15 years and in 1998 she was already 70, and one day she asked if I would accompany her to church.  I politely declined and explained that whilst I am catholic, my husband is Jewish and the look of horror oh her face.  Not sure what I had said as she could not leave quick enough and I thought oh here we go…..but an hour later she had appeared at our door with a cake and asked could she come in to explain her quick exit.

I invited her in, and she told me that when she heard my husband was Jewish she was expecting me to discuss the holocaust with her, and to state my disgust of the German nation and that she herself was so ashamed.  I felt very sad for her as to think that some 53 years later she felt that she still had to find an apology.  I explained that I doubt for one minute she would have ever imagined that she would have a Jewish family living next door and that I did not hold any hatred nor blame…how could I, I wasn’t there and neither was my husband….so how can I take offence at something that we did not go through?      After all she was a lovely pleasant lady (and the cake was beautiful) and we spent the afternoon with her telling me what life was like as a young girl under Nazi Germany, and not once did this lady try to deny the holocaust but told me that it was the duty of all Germans to make sure it didn’t happen again.   We ended up I am pleased to say friends and I was able to enjoy the German culture and learn something about how unbearable life was for her at the end of the war.  It kind of opened both of our eyes to the sensitivity as even 50 plus years later it was something that was not openly discussed between relatives in Germany.  

Fast forward some 30 years and it seems that it is open season on Jews for the most vile, disgusting, and pathetic rants from vile, disgusting, pathetic individuals such as Wiley CEO.  These god-awful people have a platform because Facebook is not taking its duty seriously.  I understand that people have a freedom of speech but not a freedom to hurt and to whip up the ugly hate mob for nothing more than the people they are opposing are of a different religion.  Being Jewish is not a race, it is not a form of alien being but a religion and throughout history they have been the whipping boys of every nut, psychopath, murderer, and poor excuse for a human being.  Even in the middle ages England was expelling the Jewish people and they have been persecuted for centuries.  

The problem is that often the success of the Jewish people is misconstrued.  The Jewish people work hard for a living and it is through that hard work that they acquire the wealth that is now used to knock them with.  Here is an idea, if you want the same wealth… for it…..don’t cry at home blaming others for your failure.

Mark Zuckerberg and his moral compass parted ways a considerably long time ago.  Do we really think he cares what these hate preachers say?  Why would he, he gets revenue from every time it is exposed in the papers because people and their natural curiosity click on it….and hey presto…more money for Zuckerberg.

For a CEO of a company to allow such hate speaks a lot of volumes about him.  It is not acceptable that he bleats oh we are trying our best to keep it free of hate speeches….trying is not good enough.  The rise of hatred against the Jewish people is because of the media platforms they have and the private groups where they can call the people they despise….and it really is stupid as they despising success as I doubt that many of them really know the Jewish people?

The anti-Semites are the usual failures in life, and they have to have someone to turn their hate on.  We know Corbyn is a failure…..he has gone down as the worst leader of the Labour party, and it was ABC Anyone But Corbyn in the General Election, and when the report comes out on the anti-semetism that was allowed to grow under him then really he should be charged with hate crimes, as he allowed it to fester because that is what he is….a hate monger.

In a time where the permanently offended are permanently offended why are so few shouting for the defence of the Jewish people?   Why is it that all the worlds ills have come about because of the Jewish people?  Are these haters really so blinkered?  Or really so stupid?  I tend to think that they are stupid to be honest.

I am not calling for an end to the freedom of speech infact I am all for people being allowed to express themselves especially in this day and age when some groups are so determined to shut free speech down, but anti-semetism is not free speech but hatred.  It scares those within the Jewish community as always in the back of their minds they wonder if the hatred and holocaust will happen again….and really in this day and age should that be an issue?  It certainly was as so many were willing to leave the Country if Corbyn the Anti Semite had gotten in…..

We know that islamophobia is a hate crime and I do believe that people should be left alone to worship in their own faith free of fear and violence, but the Jewish community seem to be the ones to kick at every opportunity and it must stop.  Facebook must employ if necessary specific people to go through their posts and block any anti-semetic posts.  There can be no such warning as if they have written the most disgusting vile comments once, then this is how these people think and we must ban them from day one.  There must be no platform for these people as it spreads their lies, their hate, and their vileness, and it is people in this country  and others who suffer.  After all when was the last time you heard the Jewish community in Great Britain causing an issue?  Breaking the law?  You do not and yet they seem to be on the receiving end of every dreg of society who has a computer.  It has to stop and if Zuckerberg and the others will not stop it….then Governments must have the law in place to fine them millions as that is the only way people like him learn.  Hit them in the pocket and keep on doing it until they learn or charge them with hate crimes…as by doing nothing they are allowing it to fester and grow.

The Jewish community has brought so many advancements to the world and you only have to look at how many Nobel prize winners there are to see that we should be embracing them, and not having some hate filled nut job drive them away.  Shame on you Facebook….shame on you.

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