My fitness pal app…a godsend.

For years I struggled to lose weight, always wondering where I was going wrong. …. Well with the my fitness app I found it…… I ATE TOO MUCH.

What I thought was me being good and just eating meals without snacks would shed the pounds. The tears, tantrums and why isn’t it working wailing from me seemed to make me feel worse, and then I reached for the chocolate in the end giving up until I finally saw the light and me in the mirror and I looked awful.

I hated the way I looked and decided to search for a calorie counter and found my fitness Pal app and thought why not give it go. I was shocked at the calorie intake of foods I thought was good…..and immediately started to cut down as I am allowed 1440 calories a day.

You can earn extra calories by exercising etc, but I stay within my intake and save any extra calories for Sunday for a slice of cake. The diary made it easy to use and I have lost nearly 27kgs šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

I still want to lose more but that joy of jumping on the scales and see it going in the right direction gives you a boost everytime.

It is easy to use and give you hints, help and gives you a 5 week aim at every dairy day filled.

It actually doesn’t feel like a diet …as mention the D word and I will be in that fridge quicker than Bolt, but rather it gives me the daily calorie intake and what I eat is upto me. It’s perfect and I have naturally switched from biscuits to fruit and my skin, nails, hair look better. I don’t eat red meat as I just dislike the smell and am eating fish more and I have more energy and I am so looking forward to being the old me…..instead of a fat one.

Onwards and downwards in weight….

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