Anarchy in the States

I am saddened to see everyday reports of mass disorder and anarchy in the United States of America.  The destruction and open disobedience of those taking part in the rioting is reaching proportions not seen before.

It seems that the Democrats are doing nothing but virtual signalling and backing the rioters as we have seen so many times with the behaviours of the Mayors in places like Portland. The Mayor Ted Wheeler is actually blaming the President for rioters getting hurt!!!  Can you believe that?  I find it so hard to believe that a man elected by the people can actively side with the rioters.  What about the law-abiding people of Portland who back the police, who respect the police and who want the law to continue doing its job.

The Mayor is demanding Federal Officers leave his city….neglecting the fact that his failure to support the police has resulted in the President sending in the Feds.  Can you say this is acceptable?  He is getting above his political station as the city does not belong to him and it seems the plan is to care for the mob and to leave the innocent to the wrath of the ugly mob.    The Mayor himself has stated that in his opinion the Federal Officers have taken part in abusive tactics… god America are you going to stand for this fool telling the men and women who are risking their lives every-day to protect you of being abusive.

He is committing Malfeasance in a public office.  He is failing to protect the electorate and putting you at risk every minute of the day.  The Mayor states that the Federal Officers are increasing vandalism and violence but surely it had tipped to the point of the President bringing in the federal officers because the Mayor was not taking control.  He is no leader of men and those law-abiding citizens need to feel afraid and also vote him out and it seems the Senator Kate Brown is not going to do anything either.  She is another democrat and tears into your President and is quite happy to look tough on him and the Federal officers but is doing nothing to help the residents in Portland. It is quite sad really and shame on them.

They have gone as far to start a lawsuit against the Federal Officers because it violated the rights of the protestors.  What planet are these people on?  They are suing the good guys for being good but are not prepared to take on the bad guys and they are infact leaving them to continue the increase of vandalism, violence, and blatant acts of thuggery.

The fact that the people running the place are Democrats is nothing more than a political stunt as they know doubt think that the more vandalism and violence, then the more you are likely to vote for Biden.  Please do not be taken in by this.

If you can honestly give your vote to virtual signalling woke politicians who take the knee when they should be leading the nation, is in my opinion a waste of your vote. True leaders do not bow in submission, but rather tackle this face to face and persuade through talking and listening…not giving into violence and to do so without concern for the law-abiding citizens.

I hear daily of the call to defund the police and are you not outraged by it?  Who would take their place?  The plan has been the ultimate desire by these anti capitalists commonly known as Antifa…who along with the other groups plan to use violence to break down the system that you live in.  Is this good enough for you?  It would not be for me and it should not be for you.  

I respect the law, I back the law and always will and The President was right to sign an executive order stating that anyone who damages a public statue must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law….and he is right.  After all who are these people to demand your history be taken down.  It smacks of being totalitarianism.  

The key traits of totalitarianism are a one-party rule with a dictatorship, a dynamic leader, an ideology that sets the goals of the state, and methods of law enforcement that ultimately censor what people can read and watch.  Basically- all individual freedoms are denied in a totalitarian state as such states wants to control all aspects of social life: so, freedom of speech, freedom of political opinions would definitely be denied.

That is the aim of their violations and when a rioter knows that the Mayor and Governor are on their side, how bold will they get?  It is no wonder the good people are making sure they can defend their own homes….after all they realise that the police are dealing with the mob and cannot be everywhere.

If I were the police I would make sure that none of the areas the mob are in would be patrolled by me…I would leave them to it. There has been a fence put around the Federal Courthouse…because if the courthouse goes up what a powerful point to gloat with by the mob.  It cannot be allowed, and I am surprised that President Trump has not deployed the Army as he should.

This is no longer 24 hours of anger but an organised mob that is attempting to overthrow the law of the land, the government and the President and it does not take such a big leap to see that it has the backing of the Democrats.  After all, they are failing to put the people first and are infact more concerned about the mob.  That is outrageous and dangerous.

The United States of America is called land of the free, yet those who are causing the disruptions, the violence and the vandalism are determined that you cannot be free.  They want to control your history, your politics, and your police.  If they get away with it, it will not end well for those who are law abiding.

Your policemen and women have a dangerous job at the best of times, but this is being made more dangerous by those virtual signalling woke politicians.  Not even the Portland Police Association building being set on fire showed the politicians that bowing to the raging mob will only create more issues….and I feel so sorry for the police, I really do.

How can they do their job when the very political system in their state is against them?  Just remember those who stood by backing the terrorising mob when it comes to the Presidential Election, and remember that Biden has done nothing but virtual signal along with Pelosi and the other Democrats, and if a leading politician and its party cannot back up the law enforcement then make sure they don’t get in, as it will lead to a further demand for defunding the police, and surely you can no longer trust people like that.

In President Trump you can guarantee that he will back the law enforcement every time and the morale of the police must be so low, and they need the backing because Portland has now been under siege from the ugly mob for some 47 days.  It must be nerve wracking for the citizens and the police must be exhausted.  Support your police and show them that they are deeply cared for and respected.  Do not give the Democrats or the mob any further time or energy but come together as the silent majority and demand a change….through the law courts if necessary.

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