Jeremy Corbyn and his double standards on whistle-blowers.

The newspapers are full of the war that is going on within Labour, they are tearing themselves apart daily, and we read again and again how under Corbyn’s watch anti-semetism was allowed to rear its ugly head. However, this is not what the post is about but rather the treatment of the whistle-blowers under Corbyn and his gangsters on the shadow front bench.

The outrage he feels because the Labour party decided to put a line under the smears and harassment campaign felt by those who had done nothing more than bring out in the open, the disgust they felt at the way the Labour Party senior figures under Corbyn, McDonnell and Jenny Formby were treating Jewish members of the party.

Corbyn himself stated that he was disappointed in the decision to stop the legal proceedings and pay damages, and that he himself was informed they had a good case. Although who his legal team are beggars belief….if you have 8 people all claiming the same thing and for nothing more than publicising what what is in effect a hate crime….to then say that they have a good chance of winning is a bit rich. I guess in his mind everyone is wrong and he is always right.

It is obvious from day one that Corbyn had no intention of backing the whistle blowers and his anger at these people betraying in his mind the party has shown him for what he is…..not fit for holding any public office.

However, imagine my surprise when I actually came across this little snippet from parliament dated the 20th February 2020 where he calls for not only the protection of Julian Assange from extradition to the USA…but also wait for it… protect at all times THE WHISTLE BLOWERS.

Yet again we see Corbyn do one thing whilst pursuing another and his only concern was that Assange had shown the world “war crimes”….Corbyn only sees war crimes when it is done by the West, and never by the terrorists that he likes being around so much.

What a pity that he can defend people who are not British citizens, yet tries to bring down the weight of the Labour party and the threat of law on people who were actually standing up for those who have been abused in the most vilest of ways.

I guess with Corbyn if you are for the Jewish people then you are an enemy of his.

I hope it costs the Labour party every last penny they have so that they can learn a harsh lesson and ensure that people like Corbyn, Abbott, McDonnell and all their others backers have no place in a political party, because people like that should never again get within smelling distance of being in No 10.

The question you have to ask yourself is why hasn’t Starmer kicked him and the others out yet? It is a travesty that is long past its sell by date and they should have had the whip withdrawn a very long time ago.

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