It is a shame to see two brothers reduced to this…..

I am not going to be ripping apart the book “Finding Freedom” as I don’t care to read what is in effect tittle tattle, and trust me the newspapers are full of it right down to the most boring and insignificant detail of every perceived slight felt by the Sussex’s. ….but what I am finding very sad is that two brothers who were so close at one point, find themselves very far apart, and the gap is getting wider by the day.

Life for William was always going to be of the more importance, and Harry found himself sadly dropping further and further down the list in the role of importance once the Cambridge children arrived….but I think everyone had the hopes of seeing the cousins play together as one happy family, because after all they are supposed to be the first family of Great Britain. There was an expectation to conform to the requirements especially as in return they were given great wealth.

It is well known that Harry has always had a struggle as to where to fit in. By all accounts he loved the Army and they him, and anyone who served in the Armed forces have experienced a life like no other, but then what? How can a man be expected to play 4th fiddle to his grandmother, father and brother? I guess he needed to be handled with extra care…which is a ridiculous statement in itself due to him being a grown man, but he sadly has never acknowledged anything but his title, and privilege…..

In this day and age the archaic system of the Palace must seem like it has been pulled from the last century, but it works for a reason and that is the Monarch is always the star and the rest revolve round them, and I guess the whole system is always geared for the next monarch as you never know when it will happen, and it must of been disheartening for Harry to realise that he will be eclipsed by not only his father, but his brother and his nephews and niece.

I find it terribly sad that two brothers who shared a heartbreak that had to be shown to the public can no longer see eye to eye. I would of thought with the pain they had gone through that they could rely on each other and yes William could probably have that older brother air about him….after all I have an older brother who seemed to endlessly go on what was good for him…but I could ignore him…….whereas Harry would also have the realisation that it is not only his brother but also the future King, and the respect he was due for that could not be given.

Hotheads all round really.

I just find it such a shame that with all the opportunities given to both of them that it has come down to airing dirty laundry in public by Harry. We have all had those sort of arguments where you don’t get on with family members, and in laws….gosh some can be so ghastly that the thought of going round to visit them fills you dread….but you still do it and are polite and don’t make a song and dance about it, or you just stay away….but to do this book has made a mockery out of the Queen and that is unforgiveable.

Her Majesty is 94 years of age and should at her time of life be slowing down, but she has dedicated her life to this country and it seems that the only one who has chosen to criticise her is her grandson, and the wife she welcomed into the family. That is a dreadful shame and like any grandparent she must be hurting….but as monarch she won’t answer it……..god bless her….it must be difficult.

I firmly believe this is what happens when you give everything to somebody who really hasn’t earned it. Being born into a Royal family shouldn’t guarantee you a life of being handed everything on a plate…and maybe if they had to work hard for a living they would be less inclined to be offended so quickly, or demand so quickly because in this day and age Monarchy is only there because we allow it and it is never a guarantee that we will keep it….but HM The Queen knows that and she has never put a foot wrong, but how sad that her some of her family are in effect ruining her final years.

I hope that the two brothers can patch it up and Harry realises that his job is too support his brother, especially as there is no guaranteeing that Harry’s wife will even stay as he is her 3rd husband….yes 3rd, and how sad to think of all that goodwill and the millions spent by them have been now thrown away in temper tantrums and foot stamping.

The best person to send to sort him out….his Aunt Princess Anne, there is no nonsense with her and a clip around the earhole and a damn fine talking to will do the trip, but until then we will see more and more headlines where our monarchy and its disgruntled members make it a laughing stock of the world. Lord only knows what revelations there are with Andrew…….

The mantra of “never complain and never explain” is right…as sadly the tide is turning against Harry and the only one to suffer in the end will be Harry.

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