The United Kingdom is stronger together.

Scotland is a much treasured member of this United Kingdom. Hundreds of years of peace and fighting against tyranny together has cemented a love of Scotland in our hearts.

Sturgeon is only wanting a referendum to hide the SNPs total mismanagement of Scotland and it’s budget, and her personal ambition is going to wreck Scotland.

She insists no one can be forced to take the Euro….but an independent Scotland will not have the Bank of England to back it up…after all why should we? You will be an independent country….so from day one you are doomed and all because of her hatred for the English and wanting to be the first President. Can Scotland really afford her ambition?

Together we are stronger…..

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2 thoughts on “The United Kingdom is stronger together.

  1. You didn’t seem to think we were stronger together in the EU did you Sue.
    With Boris as PM I’d want to leave the UK also


    1. No there is no strength in the EU and it is slowly falling apart, and people in Europe are finally waking up to that and it is a shame that you and others cannot see what a great nation we are and instead want to talk down Great Britain, and don’t forget the majority of the UK think that we are better out of the EU and having Boris in charge….but some people will moan just for moaning sake.


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