Living by the commandments without belief in God…

A survey states that the more educated you are, the less you are likely to believe in God.

I stopped believing a long time ago, especially when I read how God supposedly made the flood to wipe out man who had become too terrible thousands of years ago, yet did nothing when the World Wars were in full killing mode, did nothing when the Jews were being murdered along with anyone else the Nazis felt were inferior, and would a merciful God inflict such awful diseases on innocent babies

It is not education that makes you believe less in God, but being realistic with what has happened, and the progress in science explains it again and again.

I quite often have this conversation with my mum, she is very religious and believes we are suffering the wrath now, and I would never criticize her or her faith as it is a comfort to her, and to those millions who draw strength from it….but I think faith is becoming less important to Western people, and that we can live a moral upstanding life without the need for the commandments nor the Church.

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