Asda…..sort it out…

I went shopping today into Asda and what a stress that was. Everyone tutting and becoming bad tempered and why??? They have the most bizzare arrow system in progress.

It is supposed to be a way of getting shoppers round the store but when you are looking for signs of which aisle….you are not looking at the floor.

When arriving at the store there is no message saying to follow a system of arrows….nothing and my god the Krypton factor assault course would have been easier.

Realising the new etiquette by the 3rd aisle I decided to follow the arrows, despite only wanting one thing, an uncut loaf (dreaming of thick doorstopper cheese on toast). I was expected to go up and down every aisle till the end one with people all over the place, getting more and more irritated by these arrows pointing here, there and everywhere, but half way up the pet food aisle there was no entry to the right turn and no left turn …. I thought that’s it…be a rebel for once in your life and I headed straight for the bakery. I felt like I was breaking all the ten commandments doing that…..

So come on Asda…make your signs easy to follow as people are looking up not down, don’t put no entry on aisles and no left or right turns….it is confusing and not user friendly….because if you get to an aisle that has no left turn, and no entry on the right…..what way??

Had no problem at Sainsbury’s people kept a respectful distance and it flowed beautifully in the store… So come on Asda Westbrook…send one of your staff to Sainsbury’s to see how it’s done.

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