My paradise on earth…commonly known as my garden.

I decided to tidy up the garden due the rain stopping and within 10 minutes life had slowed down and the thoughts of pandemic, black plague, wearing or not wearing a mask had completely gone.

One of the greatest joys is seeing all the colours that are in my garden as there are now 6 fuchsia plants, 11 trees growing, 3 sapling oak trees and that many rose bushes you are just surrounded by them. I have Hebe’s in large planters and they have grown and produce a beautiful lavender smell and the bees love them. The planters are on the patio and my washing line is there but I love seeing and hearing the bees…wasps not so much….and definitely don’t want the murder hornets but those fuzzy little bees are such a delight to see and they don’t bother me and am trying to educate my grandchildren that if you don’t bother them, they they will leave you alone.

Walk through the ivy covered archway and into the garden…it is instant and breathe. I had more rose bushes to put in and I must admit my son does the digging and I can become very particular about how they are planted but seeing the yellows, red, pinks and white roses are gorgeous. Am looking for more colours and explained to my son who asked me where I would put it, that there is always room for more roses.

The number of butterflies are growing each day, and moths too and do you know instead of doing the usual girly thing and screaming I actually just watch them. I can now pick up worms and move them, along with the snails …..slugs hmmm not so sure and will use gloves…..spiders and other bugs don’t bother me as I have had to rescue my sons from them all their lives…even at 6ft odd they still don’t like them….but if you don’t like bugs and creepy crawlies then the garden is not for you.

If you close your eyes and listen to the trickling water it drops your BP to almost a slow beat as it is so peaceful. The dead heading is becoming a daily ritual and going out picking up the fruit of the trees is so self satisfying because I grew them…and I hand them to my neighbour as her little ones love it….

The lawn is a perfect green colour and I have already sketched it in my mind what I am going to do with the patio area….but when it seems the world is going mad and to be honest I just switched off when reading that the bubonic plague was found in a squirrel in the USA….I just thought god I am fed up with this constant virus here, plague there, pandemic everywhere else that I just take myself out in the garden and I can be out there hours. Not seeing anyone after one of my sons have dug the hole, and you can sit and really think of nothing…other than taking pride in the plants you have grown.

I swear to god one day I will do a Prince Charles and talk to them…..for me the garden and lovingly looking after is by far the best medicine for anyone feeling down or depressed. Maybe the GP should advise patients to take up gardening as it just makes the world go away for a couple of hours and that must be a good thing.

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