Stop, Stop, Stop

I am the point of wondering whether the world has finally gone gah gah…..There is now the call for the banning of Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory at the last night of the Proms…

The last night of the Proms in the Royal Albert Hall, United Kingdom….where the majority love to hear those joyous anthems to our beloved land.

I am sick to death of people trying to change everything I and millions of others love just because of their “wokeness”…..well here is an idea…if you don’t like it…don’t listen, turn off and let those who enjoy it do just that enjoy it…but the silent majority are starting to get really hacked off at the virtual signalling of some people who feel that I and others like me should not enjoy that what we listen to most.

How the hell is music racist? I give up I really do….but hands off our anthems.

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10 thoughts on “Stop, Stop, Stop

  1. Stop reading the daily mail then Sue!!! Nothing but right wing propaganda would drive anyone crazy!!!


    1. I enjoy the Mail, the Times, the Express and the FT….I tried the Guardian and the Mirror but the left wing propaganda drove me crazy!!!


  2. They may not hold the reigns of power but the Marxist agenda is still going strong and seems to be gathering pace!


    1. Hi Steve,

      It is good to hear from you again and yes the Marxist agenda is still steamrolling ahead. It is sad that people think that loving your country and serving your country like we have makes us right wing. Since when did people suddenly hate their own country. I am ashamed to think that there are people like that….as this country has given us so much and has asked for so little. When you do not have pride in your country, then you have no pride and that is what Marxism is all about. It fills your head with the most bizarre ideology and the first one is to make the people ashamed of their country and who they are…and when they have done that…they can mould you into their way of thinking and then to create mayhem and then it is to overthrow capitalism. Then what? Who pays for their utopia? Law and order breaks down but then the Marxist leaders have their wealthy estates and the rest live in poverty but are expected to be grateful for it. It is shameful how some people think towards our country and to try and label those of us who love it as racist, right wing etc etc….is pathetic but they can call me what they like as I am too old to even care….and their ideology will never appeal to me and like the silent majority will fight tooth and nail to keep that which I hold so dear.


    1. How sad that you seem to categorise a person who has served her country in the Army as the 5th generation, who was brought to love this country and who feels a sense of pride at the flag of this gorgeous country and who loves to belt out the anthems that the Marxist mob want to get rid off. If doing all that makes me right wing…then super but I must ask my Jewish husband wants its like to be married to such a person.


  3. What Proof do you have that these people are the silent majority?

    From my experience the far right are usually very loud


    1. Yet again you are another one who is confusing the people who love their country, who want to save the Britain that we have grown up with and who takes delight in the last night of the proms….after all what would there be if we left it to the Marxist left…..there would be nothing…..and the silent majority ….grief man do you not take part in polls or read the media outlets? People are fuming unless you belong to the new “woke” crowd. I just find it incredible that you cannot separate the far right….which by the way I detest as much as anyone else as they are anti semetic and I am married to a Jewish man……and those who love this country. I love this country. I am the 5th generation of my family who joined the army as I was brought up that this country is the greatest on earth. I married a soldier and we both love this country.. I love the fields of England, the towns and everything else and that is what is summed up by those great anthems. When I see the cliffs of dover I see young man who flew spitfires over it knowing they could lose their lives but who did what was right because they love this country.

      Before you start labelling people who love Great Britain right wing….may I suggest that you actually start to appreciate the country you are in and learn to love what it means to have pride in your country….otherwise you will always mistake the two….and for that I feel sorry for you.


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