Since when have white lives not mattered?

A British Falklands War hero was shot dead while protecting his partner during an armed raid on their farm in South Africa. Former Royal Navy sailor Julian Stobbs, 59, was shot in the head and chest after four robbers broke into his home near Lanseria as he slept on Friday. They kill an average of one white farmer every 5 days. The world is silent.

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2 thoughts on “Since when have white lives not mattered?

  1. My Lord
    The principal of Black lives matter is clearly SO lost on you.
    Your blog has really opened my eyes. As a Londoner I struggled to believe people like you actually existed in the country but God was I wrong. Your ideas, principles and pigheadedness are truly remarkable. Thank God you lot are reserved to places like Warrington and we don’t have to cross paths.


    1. The principles of ALL Lives Matter is clearly lost on you. No one life is more sacred than another and that principle is clearly lost on you. To single one set out is wrong as we are all human and my principles are sound…as I treat people as I find them and with respect….you obviously think that one set deserve special consideration regardless and that is as being racist in itself….and the fact that you have ignored the death of a white man in the most awful of circumstances who have served this country with honour says a lot about you. My god there is no hope for you if you cannot see that it is all wrong. After all what about those who are not black? Indians? Pakistani’s? Chinese etc??? Do their lives not matter? Instead of being so “woke” why not look around and do what I do and treat people with the respect and hey who knows….you might actually realise that to respect all lives is not racist but just a matter of treating all humans the same. With the terminology “You lot” you are being racist, sexist, ageist and against feminism and obviously against a woman being able to say her piece. Not very woke of you is it!


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