When pride is sneered at….

This picture of this darling little boy who is so proud has now took Twitter by storm. The virtual signalling permanently offended are permanently offended again.

I don’t find this at all racist…..do others?

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4 thoughts on “When pride is sneered at….

    1. Hello Amy,
      No the adorable little boy is not my grandson. I have a teenage one and one who is autistic …the teenage one grunts and uses one syllable replies which I find funny, and the younger one…he is adorable and a sweetheart. I found this picture on twitter where there was a lot of sneering at a little boy wearing the colours of his country he obviously loves. It is a shame that eventually he will be in the minority if the woke crowd have their way.

      But I do agree he is adorable…


  1. Very sad. Forced to wear this by his parents. Too young to understand patriotism or racism. Pushing beliefs onto younger generations. Very sad Sue. Very sad


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