The virtual signalling Bias Broadcasting Corporation

I am fed up at the virtual race baiting from the Bias Broadcasting Corporation and I have to pay for this rubbish.

To yet again discriminate against white people is racist and it is also sexist as it is aimed at women too, and ageist as it is aimed at a certain age of women. So much for their “wokeness”.

The BBC is pandering to the minority and signing its own death knell as I for one will be contacting my MP to ask the Secretary of State when he is going to defund the BBC, as they are not fit for purpose, and the demands are growing. Let them earn their money with the rubbish they make, I give it 3 months from defunding to shut down……

I will say it again I do not have white privilege, I do not need some virtual signalling bafoon telling me otherwise. I support the police and will only kneel to my monarch or when remembering those servicemen and women who lost their lives defending this country….. regardless of their colour, ethnicity or religion.

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5 thoughts on “The virtual signalling Bias Broadcasting Corporation

  1. You have benefitted from white privilege because you are white Susan. I promise you, your life would have been harder if your were black.


    1. Well we will have to disagree. You forget that when growing up Great Britain was and still is a white country. I had to go up against other white people for a job…where is the privilege when we are all the same. So tell me. ..what privilege did I gain? Couldn’t go to university as my parents couldn’t afford it, went in the army at 17….and worked all my life for what hubby and I have….so what privilege?


  2. Sorry Susan, I’m not sure what your idea of a white country is (fairly problematic) but no, this isn’t a white country with BAME individuals being here for generations. So yes you were competing against BAME individuals that probably didn’t get an interview based on prejudice.
    Also good for you that you worked in the army… Due to racism in the army (personal experience) many BAME individuals don’t feel like they have that as an option…. That is your white privilege Sue


    1. We are a predominately white country and yes I will accept that the BAME population are growing and am delighted, especially as I have found the most sweetest of people in both the Indian and Pakistan communities, as well as my gorgeous friend Theresa from Nigeria, infact I am married to someone who is in an ethnic minority myself, and no I have never known any individual rejected based on prejudice you see I have worked in the care sector and have taught management in the care sector, and nobody has been rejected who could do their job. I disagree with your experience that many BAME individuals don’t have the option to go in the Army, I myself had both a Platoon Officer and Commanding Officer who were both Black and they were treated with total respect, and call Ma’am…..because they had earned that being commissioned, and in the areas I worked across nobody had the issue…infact the problem I had was the sexist attitude of men. I was informed that I had to wear make up for work…..yet funnily enough no male had to. I had to leave being pregnant yet no male had to. I actually informed my OC that the male CPL clerk that I had to work with was inappropriate and it frightened me to be left alone with him…and nothing….they did nothing…, and I lost count of the number of times I was called a lesbian because I wouldn’t play ball. Despite the fact I was in a relationship and if not that then even worse….so please don’t talk to me about having issues in the Army….and do you know what….I ignored it and carried on……because even those who are stupid enough to call people names lose interest.


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