The joys of being a pet owner.

I have read that the RSPCA are now worried that animals will not get abandoned now the world is back up and running. I hope not as no animal deserves to be abandoned. If we all had souls like dogs then we would live in a beautiful world.

However, we are not and sadly our extremely lacking human emotions leave a lot to be desired, but the plight of any animal should bring out the best in us.

I have now taken in 3 cats…one of them sadly didn’t survive the abuse he had been subjected too by his previous owner and our week with Izzy cost us a £1000 in vet’s fees and I would do it all again, as that week with him was worth every penny, he felt love for the first time and we miss him dreadfully. He is now with our other furry sons in our garden and his rose bush is growing beautifully, tended with extra care like those of his brothers who went before him.

We also have a very bad tempered cat called Fudge who we rescued from our front garden. She was in a very bad state some 8 years ago having collapsed as I opened the door and she had been beaten and starved…..that broke my heart… but now she runs the house but she will let you know when she wants a hug….otherwise stroke her at your peril …..We have recently taken in another cat called Sooty and she is a funny little thing having turned up after being abandoned and now she has the whole house and the back of my armchair as her space. For someone who didn’t like cats when younger I sure have taken in my fair share. I would do it again…..and probably will…..

Then there is my beloved furry son Zeus. He is a special needs Jack Russell and is incontinent and always has been since birth, he has neurological problems and it will only get worse but we will cope….. His only need in life is to follow me everywhere, even to the bathroom or to sit on my lap, getting lots of cuddles, go for a walk and have his favourite food…..the pure joy I get from him is immeasurable, and no home is complete without a dog.

This is why I don’t understand why someone goes out to get an animal to be a part of their family and then abandons them. Do they have no soul? People who abandon animals should be fined…after all why should they just get away with giving up because they are bored, don’t want to be bothered or have medical issues. I detest animal abusers most of all.

People who have purchased animals during the Covid 19 pandemic to then get rid because they are now back to their lives should be ashamed of themselves, as having a pet can bring out the best in you and for me to wake up every morning having moved up in the night to let the dog and 2 cats on the bed, and poor Mr Points of Sue and me having only a tiny space really is a miracle…the fact that we can sleep like that….but they are our family.

Yes we do have grown up kids, yes we do have grandchildren but these little things just want our love and what we get back is double that what we give them, as there is nothing better than just sitting there and the dog jumps up on your lap and then wants a cuddle…….or the cat kneading on you in the middle of the night….those claws though……

Having a pet lowers your stress levels, they calm you and they also get you out like our JRT….he has to be walked for miles and whilst it takes me hours due to my leg problems and more often than not I have to walk the route out between resting places, but he loves it and I have lost count of the number of good mornings or good afternoons that get said.

If you have bought a pet and welcomed them into your home then look at the joy then give you as nothing is better than that welcome home every night. They don’t care if you are fat, thin, pretty, not so pretty, live in a millionaire home or just a tiny flat….they don’t care and they don’t judge….they just love you and that is priceless.

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