The crushing of rights.

The Hong Kong police have now been handed the powers to raid peoples home without a warrant, and to take their DNA without their permission. Where is the outrage? Where are those who have been offended and marching not shouting it from the rooftops that there are people who need help, and that their rights are being trampled over.

Officers now also have the right to ban suspects from leaving the city, confiscate their assets, conduct secret surveillance and intercept communications, according to a clause of the law that went into effect today.

This is the continuing power grab of China and the total dominance of Hong Kong is firmly on the cards, and a threat warning to Taiwan as they are the next ones in the line of the ever grasping China.

The Beijing backed executive Carrie Lam has stated that these new laws will bring stability to the region, but we know that this is nothing more than a clamp down on the freedoms that were so enjoyed by the people when under the protection of the United Kingdom.

We cannot allow the people of Hong Kong to have their rights stripped by a regime that does not care for the rights of others, and how worrying that the executive states that vigorously enforce the law.

China will be sending 200 to 300 paramilitary police to Hong Kong to strictly enforce the rules, and that cannot be good news especially as they plan to entrench themselves around the finance section.

Platforms, publishers and those who actively encourage the freedom of speech are being clamped down on and they could well be ordered to remove any electronic messages that the dictatorship feel are likely to constitute an offence, such as endangering their national security and this will not doubt include any publications and books that Beijing deem offensive…I wonder why they don’t go the whole hog and have a book burning bonfire.

Individuals who refuse to comply could be fined or imprisoned for a year….the problem is would they come out of jail? Or lost in the system that is the Chinese internment camps.

The Hong Kong government backed by Beijing has informed the residents of Hong Kong that they will vigorously defend these laws and that should be the wake up call for the Government to get those who want to leave over here, and give them sanctuary. We cannot and must turn our backs on those whose own democracy was based on ours.

We cannot desert what was our jewel in the East and let Beijing ride roughshod all over their rights. These rights should be theirs by right and not at the whim of some dictator, who it seems is hell bent on not giving them any….I wonder if he ever thinks about the damage he is causing? Although I doubt it.

I hope the Prime Minister carries through with his idea of bringing those whose rights will be trampled under the boot of Beijing to Britain as this is not something we can ignore, and it will get worse as it seems to the people of Hong Kong the good times have gone.

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