Selling Arms to the Saudis

The Government has confirmed that they will now start re-selling arms to the Saudis in a deal that will save jobs at the BAe.

Now I find this wholly immoral as they will use it to bomb the terrorists in Yemen, and the people of Yemen are already suffering the most, but then you have to think about the people here in the UK whose jobs, welfare and livelihoods depend on the BAe contract.

The Trade Secretary, Liz Truss has stated that the Saudis have a genuine intent to comply with the international human rights….well I find that hard to believe as they don’t even have women’s rights.

Is this right or wrong of the government to start this trade again. My personal view thinking with my heart on my sleeve is no….but then my family and livelihood does not depend on it……what do you my readers think? Is this shameful on the government?

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