Which Mayor is right?

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4 thoughts on “Which Mayor is right?

  1. Saying praise be to God means you should be shot!!!!! Terrible. I think Sadiq Khan got this one correct Susan


    1. I think they are both right. If you live anywhere now we are at risk ..but if you see someone coming at you shouting that, then something is wrong….too many people have been given the soft approach and look at the death toll….


  2. If someone says alluh akbar something is wrong? Based on what? Countless people say this on the streets especially during Ramadan of which non of them are posing a risk. Unless you have prejudices against Muslim people I don’t understand your comment.


    1. If someone shouts alluh akbar and has a knife or a weapon then yes there is a problem and we have lost too many good people to the going softly softly approach….and as far as having prejudices against Muslims then if you care to read my blogs I have not only commented but am actively criticising those countries including us who are doing nothing for the Rohingya people, and nothing for those who are interned in Chinese camps for simply being Muslim……funnily enough not one person has commented on that…not one person agreed with me that something must be done to help them as attacking them for their religion and ethnicity is wrong…..so please don’t virtual signal me….just read the comments.


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