The hypocrite that is Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton in a way bullied his fellow F1 drivers into taking the knee, by telling them if not they are complacent in racism. Thankfully 6 of them ignored him.

Here is why he is a hypocrite…

1. He drives a Mercedes car…the same company who during WW2 built parts for the gas ovens, and who used thousands of Jews as slave labour. Working them to death.

2. He advertises Hugo Boss….the same company who made concentration camp uniforms.

3. He lives as a tax exile and pays nothing to the UK….when in reality that money could help the poorest in society.

4. He swans round in private jets etc…never giving a thought for the less well off, unless there is a virtual bandwagon to jump on.

So whilst virtually signalling and having a chain around his neck saying his great great grandparents were slaves, will he apologize to the Jewish community and take the knee with them? After all there are still living survivors of the Nazi terror…..

Will he show that he is not a virtual signaller by donating all his win monies to BAME causes, and to the Jewish communities?

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