Grandparents and high school lessons …..

At long last my daughter said that magic sentence of ” do you want the children to stay?”. With a quick yes and a drop off that would of made MI5 proud… walked 3 grandchildren with a bag of books from the special school my two youngest attend, and a note of caution that my eldest one logs online for his. Tomorrow I thought…not the first night at Nans as it’s all sweets, pop and cake.

The night passed quietly and the sleepover with the 3 little people was wonderful….then my eldest grandson logs into his homework and shouted for my help …

Nan it’s maths came the distant cry …so of course being Nan, I am expected to know everything…and I shouted it’s ok it’s in Nans hands….and strutted upto the computer…..

Then I saw it….OMG….it was in some sort of foreign language as it was all 4a X 7b X 8c -d (-7f)………what on earth is that?

I scanned the maths paper online with that sort of inner panic that I didn’t want to show…..and promptly shouted Grandad….after all he’s an engineer….and a maths whizz.

Feeling somewhat disappointed at realising unless it’s add and subtract I am out of my depth…. I discreetly backed into the living room and busied myself …until I heard the sound of “oh it’s history now….that’s your Nans speciality”, and up I bounded again with the history of English monarchs.

Have the schools no sympathy for us grandparents when setting these questions? My grandson asked me was it the same at school for me? No came the reply as I don’t remember anything as hard as that …and if I had done it was that traumatized that I wiped it from my memory ….

Day 2 tomorrow and I feel like I have been through the ringer already……and no way can I study a GCSE maths paper overnight ….hope it’s history first or I will be drinking gallons of coffee for the nerves.

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