On this day…..

OnThisDay in 1944, four female members of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) were executed at Natzweiler Concentration Camp in the Vosges Mountains. Andree Borrel (Codename Denise, Age 24), Vera Leigh (Codename Simone, Age 41), Sonia Olschanezky (Codename Tania, Age 20) and Diane Rowden (Codename Paulette, Age 28) were escorted, one by one, to the camp’sContinue reading “On this day…..”

This is heartbreaking…the loss of one of the good guys…..

Let this image and what it symbolizes sink in. A wife lost her husband, a toddler will grow up with no memories of his father; the community lost someone willing to suit up and show up despite the hate being spewed because of a career choice and one bad apple has tarnished the public’s viewContinue reading “This is heartbreaking…the loss of one of the good guys…..”

The necessity of blocking users.

I have sadly taken the decision to block some users. It is unlike me as I do enjoy a good discussion on all levels, but you cannot have any discussion with people when they are on the crazy level of seeing racism in every comment. It rather stifles the freedom of speech especially when IContinue reading “The necessity of blocking users.”

The hypocrite that is Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton in a way bullied his fellow F1 drivers into taking the knee, by telling them if not they are complacent in racism. Thankfully 6 of them ignored him. Here is why he is a hypocrite… 1. He drives a Mercedes car…the same company who during WW2 built parts for the gas ovens, andContinue reading “The hypocrite that is Lewis Hamilton.”