Israel has to stop the planned further landgrab of the West Bank!

I am very proud of my family’s Jewish roots and will defend it with all my might and quite often do take down any anti-semetism but even I have to admit that the further annexing of the West Bank is wrong. My father was with the British Army in 1946 in Palestine and he canContinue reading “Israel has to stop the planned further landgrab of the West Bank!”

Has Khan surrendered London to the mob?

Yet another night where policemen and women are hurt doing their job in London. Illegal raves and the shame of police running away from the mob…..whatever happened to the baton charge? I never thought in my lifetime that I would see the police run away….but then when you realise that they have been told toContinue reading “Has Khan surrendered London to the mob?”

Mandelson and the WTO

Nothing strikes more annoyance into the heart of a Brexiter than knowing that Lord Peter Mandelson is sniffing round the role of Head of the WTO. The current director-general of the organisation, Roberto Azevedo announced his intent to step down in August and Lord Mandelson has claimed he could fix the WTO. In hisContinue reading “Mandelson and the WTO”

Swift Inspections Ltd for your statutory lifting inspections.

Points of Sue will be championing quality companies across the UK to help get the economy back on its feet. There are companies who offer excellent value for money, fantastic customer service and who are prepared to go that extra mile for their clients at all times and Swift Inspections Ltd offers all of this.Continue reading “Swift Inspections Ltd for your statutory lifting inspections.”