When the world is going mad….go gardening….

Sometimes when I look and listen to the news I feel like the world is on the brink of going mad….and what do I do…..go gardening.

I am lucky to have a beautiful big garden and as I look around I delight in each and everyday of how alive it is.  I am not a professional gardener and barely know any of the plants…(my gorgeous grandson who is autistic took all the labels out and now it is potluck), but to see everything grow and flower is gorgeous.

I returned from one of my walks on the country park with a handful of acorns and nothing delighted me more than seeing the saplings come through.  You would have thought I had found the gold at the end of the rainbow with the never-ending phone calls I made to tell everyone they were growing.

I have my apple trees which are coming along nicely….started those from the pips, and then my blueberry plants and my pepper plants….all yielding….just waiting for the strawberry and cherry plants.  Even the potatoes look awesome, and then my roses.  Nothing makes a gardener happier than your neighbours telling you that they love your garden, (even if they are looking through their bedroom windows).  You see I planted a rose bush after my father died and it is large, beautiful, and full of red blooms, as well as other smaller rose bushes everywhere in white, pink, and yellow.  I have shrubs and fuchsias everywhere and clematis plants and you can hear the bees humming.  I actually saw caterpillars today on the leaves and the whole idea was for me to have a wildlife garden, and it works.

The lights of an evening look beautiful with their mixtures of blue and green and I can sit out there for ages and when I do…I don’t think about the politics, the world or anything but just looking at how I have turned this area from the most awful brick built fishpond bland garden….when we moved in the people had left the eyesore and took the fish…..but that got drained and slowly but surely I have turned it into my haven, and my granddaughter who is autistic too thinks it’s a fairy garden as I have little light up fairy houses and doors…..

I have planted 11 trees and there are 3 more growing in pots….and the colours are beautiful, and I have had huge planters made for me and they are growing the fuchsias, shrubs etc and do you know what, I think that if you are lucky to have a garden then grow to love it.  I have to have help due to having physical issues but other than that it is a labour of love and amazing how you just switch off from the world.

I am lucky as I have wireless headphones my son bought me and I wonder round listening to political programmes but I can honestly say I don’t rise to anything as I am too busy supervising one of my grown up children trimming the climber round the arch as I don’t want the flowers touched (it grows like a triffid), or dead heading the roses and other plants or just pottering about….but thinking about blogging no never.  It also helps sitting out in the garden when working as it gives me the freedom to think…..and I can honestly say I produce some of my best work out there. 

So, if you have a space outside that you are lucky enough to own then do not look at it as a chore but rather grow to love it and you will not fail to feel the benefit.  It lowers your Bp, is great exercise and can give you the peace you so require in this mad mad world….and being out there has now convinced me to buy a summer house office and sit out there working and see my garden all year round.  Who needs the traffic jams to the office???

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