This is so wrong on every level.

China has now decided to force the Uighurs population of mainly Muslim Chinese people to eat Pork dumplings during the traditional Han festival.

I have already commented on a piece where the people in the region of Uighur are being forced to take birth control and that is shocking, but to then force them to eat something that is against their religion really is the lowest anyone can get.

Muslims and Jewish people do not eat pork. It is against their religion and that should be respected whoever and wherever you are. According to their religion the pig is a dirty animal and to eat it puts their very religious soul at risk, and for some that is a shame too much to bear. I said it yesterday and I will say it again, that no one is coming out in defence of these poor people and it is like the Rohingya’s…no one seems to be coming to their defence because they are a Muslim minority, and that is shameful.

Can we really turn a blind eye? It seems so….we have turned both and become blind to their suffering and deaf to the sounds of their pain. Freedom of religion and all that goes with that religion is one of the things that makes up human.

I am not religious but my mother is….she is a Catholic and often she talks to me about her faith and I listen a lot of time in awe that despite everything she still has her faith… must be nice to have that and I admire anyone who even when the world has turned against them, can still find a comfort in that they hold so close.

I cannot begin to feel how terrified those people in the Uighurs population feel, nor the Rohingya people and it is shameful that in this day and age nothing is being done to protect their fundamental rights.

Who knows maybe the UN will grow a spine of steel and help those who have lost everything except their faith, and who are in danger of losing that unless those in power and high places do something to stop it…..

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