Rebranding monsters does not make it acceptable…..

It makes my skin crawl to even write the word paedophile.  They are vile people and should really kept away from decent society and when I read that they want to rebrand themselves as ‘minor attached persons’ I felt physically sick.   Those monsters want to advocate abusing young children and one of them listed his preference from 2 years of age….what kind of sick individual wants to do that?  They are now rebranding and using the LGBT slogan, and this should outrage the LGBT community…..

The paedophiles have created their own rainbow ‘MAP Pride Flag’ and arguing they should be celebrated along with the LGBT community.  This is so wrong as it will dangerously label the LGBT community and they need to come out in the strongest terms and get this disgusting group banned from anything to do with them.

In the 70s Harriet Harman MP, her husband Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt all worked for the NCCL alongside PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) and advocated for the abolition of the age of consent….(sick, sick, sick individuals) and they were supported by the National Council of Civil Liberties…run by the aforementioned MPs…..the NCCL now Liberty had actually argued that the photographs of undressed children should not be considered ‘indecent’ and therefore not illegal….in fact Harriet Harman working as the legal officer at the time wrote a document placing the onus of proving harm at the feet of prosecutors and warning of the danger of increased censorship.  What planet are these people on?  What is more disturbing is that they actually sat in a Labour government and were elected as MPs…..

Where is the outrage that individuals like this who are the nightmares of every loving parent are now trying to use the LGBT logos? 

From the Daily Mail 28th June 2020 ‘Otep Shamaya, a gay rights campaigner said “they will find no haven in the LGBTQ community.  We utterly rebuke their delusional and evil claims”.  This has to be shouted out louder as paedophiles are the worst offenders in society and our children should not have to face the knowledge that there are evil, perverted, twisted individuals like this.

The online Media is still allowing the MAP posts to stay despite protests because it is deemed acceptable to discuss attraction to minors as long as it does not ‘glorify’ paedophilia, and we must demand that the filth is taken down.  The LGBTQ community has a lot more clout than one lone blogger and then must make demands to have this filth taken down, otherwise the perverts will hide under a flag that is not theirs, and they even have an academic supporting them….A Dr Craig Harper, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University signed a 2018 letter to twitter demanding that paedophile accounts should be restored.

Who the hell is teaching our young?  God help the next generation.

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