Opening Pandora’s box to modern McCarthyism…..

I am what the young people would call a plus middle aged fogie and do not really like the “wokeness” that is happening, but are we really going to allow this restriction of freedom just because people have a bandwagon to jump on?

I am talking about JK Rowling and don’t get me wrong her and I are polls apart in our ideology but I have read with increasing interest how people are turning on her because she had the audacity to say something they disagree with…..and that is that only biological woman can have periods.

Now I am not a Doctor and my science classes in school were a bit hit and miss (preferred history) but even I know that if you are not born a biological woman that there is zero change that you can have a period.

Oh, I know that there will be incoming from the woke generation … I mean I have been called prejudiced, racist and xenophobe and to be frank I don’t care what they label me, as it has absolutely no effect on who I am nor how I treat people but what I am bothered about is that this natural event that happens for women has now been taken over, and some people are too scared to even admit that only women menstruate, and is that not anti-feminist?  We cannot even own our body functions now….how unwoke is that?

I am not saying that men who transition to women are not women, but they cannot menstruate and trust me anybody who thinks having a period is something women welcome is sadly mistaken.  It starts as young girl and then you have it for up to 50 years and it can get worse, change your mood swings, feel like you have been kicked repeatedly and that is the good thing about it.  It can get worse as you get older become heavier, restrict you from going out of doors unless you have to have a contraption fitted to lessen it….and then after all that…the menopause and that is the most awful of all.  Do you honestly think women want all this? 

I do understand that transitioning from a man to a woman can be the loneliest thing in the world as I know someone who has gone through it, and they were disowned by their family and for the life of me I don’t know why….as she is still the same lovely person she always was and I am all for the right to transition, and live in the skin you feel you were born to be in….but for god sake can we stop the wokeness bandwagon and the vilification of JK Rowling just because she says something that is true…however uncomfortable some people might be.

No doubt I myself will get some form of vile abuse as writing something always brings someone out of the woodwork whose sole intention throughout the day is to write vile comments, but to be honest I do not care as they either make me laugh or feel sorry for what a sad individual they are.  I know that people of my generation and older find it so hard to wonder why young people are angry at something that is just a fact of life, and I cannot get over how ungrateful the Harry Potter stars are at the one person who has made them rich beyond their wildest dreams.  Maybe in their case they should have said nothing, but true to form for some celebrities there is always a bandwagon that needs jumping on.

In this country we have freedom of speech and I am all for those who use the vilest of language to be banned, but can people really look at what JK Rowling has said and not think…well she is right…or even in reality be offended? I know we get those who are in a state of being permanently offended….but get serious!

We are in danger of becoming 1950s America where everybody was under suspicious because of McCarthyism, only this time we are in danger of losing our freedom of speech and thought under the cloud of wokeness, and this will only get worse if we do not bring it under control.

Do we really need people to tell us how to act and think as adults?  When I was younger my parents always installed in me to be polite to everybody, stand up on the bus if a seat was needed, help with heavy bags, say good morning to everybody you meet (as you could be the only person they speak to that day), buy a homeless individual a hot meal, do not judge people because of their colour, work hard and because a useful member of society and obey the law.  I was taught respect by my parents and that is where this wokeness has it all wrong.  It is not rude to say the things we know are right.  It is not being against someone who feels different from me and nor is it racist, or xenophobe to criticise others.  What is wrong is to be labelled from a generation who really have no idea how the world works.

Are we really going to let our freedom of both thought and speech be given away because someone does not like it and who still has the university politics mentality?   So long as you listen to both sides of the argument, do not use bad language because you really have lost if you do and accept that people think different….what harm could there be in speaking facts?  Trying to force us to think different is stifling that which we care so much about our freedom, and I for one refuse to bow to the tyranny of the minority.

So all those who have demanded the fires of hell open up on JK Rowling should really take a step back and breathe……because if we carry on the way we are going then some minority party will be offended by them one day and then what?  We end up with a world where everybody is offended by everybody else and that is how society breaks down and sadly we are already seeing this fracture taken place.

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