2020 the year the world went mad…..

2020 seems to have been the year that the world finally went mad.  We have had Covid 19, mass demonstrations, vandalism on a scale never seen before, the breakdown of law and order and now this…..but then I always stated that man’s favourite hobby is killing each other and it seems to be on the verge on happening again This is very worrying news especially with the Chinese and Indian armies massing.  The build up by two superpowers over a portion of land is really quite telling as to the fact that the world has finally tipped over into madness. events.  We know that China is pushing forward with plans to take over lands and areas they views as theirs, and it will  take an army of similar size to stop them…..


The construction by both countries of defensive positions is a direct violation of the agreement made to de-escalate any military threat….but I fear that this is in the end will not be enough.  We have already noted that some 20 Indian soldiers have died, and China is not publishing theirs figures, and there are mock discussions taking place but there is now an overriding desire on both countries to not to give in to what they view as aggression.

Has mankind not moved forward from the centuries where declaring war over a piece of land was commonplace?  We are supposed to be more advanced than ever, yet we could possibly go to war over something so small as a pass in a mountain range.

China has already started its land grab with the South China Sea and excluding those other countries who have the same rights to the minerals, oil and gas that is in abundance there…and then there is the slight felt by China  because Japan has reiterated an island that is unhabitable as theirs…..what is going on in the world?

All we can expect now is that the UN will write a strongly worded letter which will be ignored, and then what?  The UN should quickly move to calm the situation down between India and China or the horror that we have seen so far is just the warmup to what is going to come.

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