Lies and vicious slurs against our Servicemen. I am glad the lies and vicious slurs against our servicemen have been thrown out. 1000 lies could have destroyed the lives of those who fought so bravely, and who upheld the honour of the British Army at all times. These lies should never have come to this especially where British Servicemen who haveContinue reading “Lies and vicious slurs against our Servicemen.”

4000 Hits on my personal blog and climbing….hundreds a day on other media outlets. Thank you.

Thank you so much to those kind readers who have interacted on my website. My articles are being viewed hundreds of times a day now but the interaction with people is the most important to me as it always makes for fascinating reading. Even being disagreed with is great as it means that the debateContinue reading “4000 Hits on my personal blog and climbing….hundreds a day on other media outlets. Thank you.”

The Waters belong to the United Kingdom. The Irish fishermen are threatening violent clashes with British fishermen for our waters……and I am sorry that they will lose out in this but look to your politicians for this sorry mess you are in not ours. For too long those other countries in the EU have had it too good where they haveContinue reading “The Waters belong to the United Kingdom.”

Outrageous slur on the British Police and on Britain itself…..

Today 18-year-old Aima and Tash, 21, were named as posting a series of hard hitting social media messages slamming Britain for being a ‘racist country’ and claiming that ‘police brutality’ will kill black people before coronavirus does. Their claims however are not grounded in evidence, as analysis by the charity Inquest reveals there have beenContinue reading “Outrageous slur on the British Police and on Britain itself…..”

When an embrace can quell a riot….

An officer with the Minnesota National Guard told protesters angry over the police-involved killing of George Floyd that he would agree to their request to pull back the troops from the state capitol while they continued to assemble peacefully. Lieutenant Colonel Sam Andrews emerged to address the protesters who had gathered on the steps ofContinue reading “When an embrace can quell a riot….”

The President is adding fuel to the fire….. I am sad to say that President Donald Trump has finally lost the plot. Nobody was more delighted than I was when he trounced Hillary Clinton, and I am still of the opinion that anyone was better than her but he now needs to be removed for the sake of the citizens of theContinue reading “The President is adding fuel to the fire…..”