This is so wrong on every level. China has now decided to force the Uighurs population of mainly Muslim Chinese people to eat Pork dumplings during the traditional Han festival. I have already commented on a piece where the people in the region of Uighur are being forced to take birth control and that is shocking, but to then force themContinue reading “This is so wrong on every level.”

The BBC trying to cause division again….. I am tired of reading comments that do nothing more than promote divisions……. and now we hear that some BAME people don’t feel welcome in the countryside because its supposedly only for white people. A DEFRA independent report stated that some BAME people felt that the country parks were only for white people. DearContinue reading “The BBC trying to cause division again…..”

Chinese Government Adopts Nazi Negative Eugenics on a Muslim minority group.

The Chinese Government has upped its war on the Chinese Muslim Community of Uighur by forcing birth control on the women in a bid to force the drop in births. A report issued by the Associated Press states that government statistics, state documents and interivews with 30 ex-detainees and a former detention camp instructor indicatedContinue reading “Chinese Government Adopts Nazi Negative Eugenics on a Muslim minority group.”

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….Leave our history and statues alone.

It now seems that our national treasure Charles Dickens is now the next target on the list by the woke generation who seem hell bent on destroying our culture and history.   Charles Dickens is one of our finest authors and I rank him higher than William Shakespeare and every school child should read Dickens asContinue reading “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….Leave our history and statues alone.”

Rebranding monsters does not make it acceptable…..

It makes my skin crawl to even write the word paedophile.  They are vile people and should really kept away from decent society and when I read that they want to rebrand themselves as ‘minor attached persons’ I felt physically sick.   Those monsters want to advocate abusing young children and one of them listed hisContinue reading “Rebranding monsters does not make it acceptable…..”

Has the World forgotten the Police are the good guys?

Yet again there is another sit in by people in the states who are demanding that the Mayor defunds the police, oh and they are also demanding that ALL people are letting out of prison and jail.  How nice to want the murderers, rapists, thieves, abusers all out on the streets and no police. ProtestorsContinue reading “Has the World forgotten the Police are the good guys?”