As a War Historian

I am always fascinated by battles and the valour of the men who fought it. I am an avid reader of Stalingrad, The Battle of Midway, Kursk Tank Battles and of course the women in the Russian Army who fought just as bravely as the men.

I was delighted to find a complete history of The Battle of Midway on YouTube, and if you have a couple of hours to spare I promise you it is time well spent

I commented to Mr Points of Sue that it is strange how I feel no sympathy for the enemy, and yet heartbreak at the deaths of allied servicemen and women. I guess that is a flaw in me…but I had numerous Great Uncles who was captured by the Japanese….and it was awful what he went through.

Still I guess we have to move on….but having been brought up with a father who fought in WW2, along with a maternal grandfather as a chandit, and numerous uncles who fought ..I guess my sympathy still lies on the allied side.

The youth of today can be the ones to feel sorry for all sides, mine is a no no as hearing what they went through…. forgiveness is not mine to give

Anyway please watch and if you get a chance there is a documentary on Amazon and Netflix about the USS ENTERPRISE during WW2, and it is a 360 degree documentary…..amazing lady just like all our heroic ships in WW2.

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