The garden is a godsend…

During the lockdown time I have spent more and more time in my garden and do you know I never realised just how satisfying it can be. I am a very keen gardener but it was always just for show… know my garden is better than yours and I am lucky as I have the largest garden in the row, and everyone seems to go for that awful astro turf……followed by the sniggering of watching Mr Points of Sue mowing the lawn, and the weeding etc…..

I have lost count of the number of times I have had the….”Why don’t you do what we have done and save your time”…I nearly collapsed when one told me that they had paid £5k for the tiniest bit of garden to be paved and a bit of astro turf? £5k they saw them coming, and I have so many things to buy with that £5k and it all involves living things…not that awful astro stuff.

Anyhoo out in the garden putting up the washing I heard one of the friends of the owner over the fence asking who had done the beautiful garden theirs back on to……

Well did I have a smug look or what. Next thing this lovely lady who turns out to be her mother in law was asking what plants I had put in. To be honest it looks fabulous but you can do that with shrubs, roses, climbing ivy and hedges. It looks like I spend all day out there….and in reality it is a couple of hours a week and looks awesome.

I stood on my side of the fence talking like a professional, and amazing how you can sound like a professional when you talk about things…when in reality I know next to nothing about plants. I knew that because I had a phone call with an old friend of some 40 plus years who has been growing plants for me during lockdown….and he knew all the names. I just picked the ones because of the colour…

I looked at the archway I have going into my garden and it is sturdier than the house but it looks gorgeous with the ivy growing round it, but grief it grows like a triffid and every other day of course I have got to the point that it is a battle of wills between me and it….and it will stay in shape.

I have decided that the hedge down the bottom will get the same treatment and it has got to the point that a strimmer is not used, but rather trimming hedges and it has to be perfect and I guess that is where the garden overtakes your life….

I had to admit to this very nice lady that I did not know the name of most of the plants as I am just one of those who like a plant and in it goes……and so far I have not murdered too many and I am rather proud of the way the hedges look. My love of roses came from my dad who when I was a child along with my siblings took care of the roses as dad was poorly, and from there I just think a garden is complete with roses and they are so English….dare I use that word.

Anyway today I was out in the garden again loving my time out there and trying to think of the area to put my pond and just as I decided the area and was going to put a pole in, when out popped a beautiful moth and looking further there were egg cases in the area. I am not clued up on these things but I realise that there is something else growing there….and not a plant and please not spiders. I don’t mind spiders but seeing them all coming out of the sac… thank you. So…..quick look in the area and there are further cases and it is something I have to think of as I don’t want to disturb anything.

I know people will probably think me crazy but the pond will have to go elsewhere as during the lockdown I have come to appreciate nature, and watching Monty Don has proven two things…one I am getting old and secondly I am getting obsessed with the garden.

I think looking at my garden during the lockdown has been my sanity as it has given me the chance to watch some beautiful things grow, and with nourishment and care they are turning into the beautiful objects nature intended them to be.

It got me thinking about how nature has had a chance to recover whilst we are in lockdown, and can you imagine the sigh of relief that nature took when we were not around to mess up the planet as we always do.

I am not an environmentalist and to be honest I haven’t got a clue what half of them are on about, but I am determined to make a little bit more of an effort with regards to recycling, but for me the garden has definitely been my godsend and my saviour with sanity…..especially as due to Mr Points of Sue being in lockdown till July….it will continue to be so…..but roll on the pond and the new patio area, because as you can probably guess in my head I have redone all the things I want to change and spending months in lockdown has taught me that I really love the simple things in life….like a garden full of nature.

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