What will happen to Hong Kong now!!


The freedom of Hong Kong was officially declared dead today, and from what I can gather other than a few outraged tweets nothing really has been done of the takeover from China.

China has stated that the new law is to tackle secession, foreign interference and treason but we know that their aim is to have total communist control over a state that thanks to us have enjoyed democracy.

They have instigated with the signing of a pen the most draconian powers over Hong Kong and it is the people who will now suffer the heavy hand of China and its totalitarian leader, as he is determined come what may to develop an empire and this is just the start of it.

Their kind of total behaviour is just a sinister way to control the freedoms so enjoyed and that cannot be right. especially as their secret police who are responsible for making people disappear now have full reign to patrol the streets and terrorise the people and terrorise they will.

Beijing has promised to “smash” any resistance” and that is a horrifying statement for any state to make. We know that they already have concentration camps for Chinese Muslims and the outrage seems to be mute. This is more than a glimpse into the policies that China will now inflect on Hong Kong and this is not right.

It seems that the US has now withdrawn the special status from Hong Kong and that really is kicking a man when he is down. Taiwan has offered those fleeing the opportunity to go to Taiwan and we should offer our former colony the same as it is shameful if we stood by and did nothing…and that is exactly what China is expecting us to do.

This virus released by them has muted the world to their takeover, and Hong Kong and Taiwan are not the only countries on their list. There is Japan yet and we know that they will eye it up….they have ignored the protests of the countries surrounding the South China sea and they are depleting everything to prepare for war, and we are just sleepwalking into a situation with China the same way they did with Germany in the 30s.

The totalitarian laws include disrespecting the Chinese national anthem, but it is not Hong Kong’s national anthem and yet they will be forced probably at the butt of a rifle to comply and is that really the way a country should be treated in the 21st Century. The last century was one of the bloodiest but I have a feeling that this one is going to be worse as we have a country China hell bent on controlling others, and people don’t like that and they want their freedom as we found out with the Nazi invasion of Europe. People will always rebel against those who want to take away their freedoms, and that is exactly what China is going to do with Hong Kong and Taiwan if the larger community does not do something to stop it.

The most laughable and deeply disturbing move of all is that China has a seat on the Human Rights Council….that is like letting the fox into the hen house and then wonder why there is massacre of the chickens. It is wrong on every level and China needs to be removed from it as it is affront to all those countries who work very hard for the human rights of others.

China comes up with the waffle that they are not affecting the autonomy of the former colony but just tightening up the security level, and we know that is a coded sentence for them clamping down on the rights of Hong Kong Citizens and yep a strongly worded letter has been wrote….and then nothing.

Bringing in this new law will change the whole constitituion of the former colony and any rights have been bypassed by the Chinese government and its head. How on earth will they stop people demanding their rights…well we know….it will be with terror and disapeared people and can we really stand by and do nothing?

It is for our everlasting shame that we did not take out a further extension for another 100 years on Hong Kong, and the people were desperate for this to be done and as they knew exactly what was coming and like all politicians they don’t think of the future and listening to those who know the best…..they just ignored the cries of the people and we have in effect left them in the grips of a hungry monster. That hungry monster will devour hope, freedom and rights and it will be hungry for more and more.

Hong Kong was promised that its freedom would be guaranteed for another 50 years in 1997 and with this move China has brushed that all away, and they will not even be allowed the freedom of the internet. They will have their souls crushed under the weight of this communist country and I feel so sorry for the people that will have to suffer this as they know and the world knows that politicians will speak big and in reality do very little.

It is Chamberlain all over again only this time instead of appeasing the Nazis, we are instead appeasing the Chinese and it won’t stop. Hong Kong’s lawmaker Claudia Mo stated

“Its the end of Hong Kong….they are cutting off our souls, taking away the values which we’ve always embraced, values like human rights, democracy and the rule of law”

Hong Kong has a leader who is the stooge of China and she has mealy mouthed that this law will not stifle freedom “and it showed the country’s care towards Hong Kong, it will not affect the legitimate rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong residents, and that new powers were there to sanction an extremely small minority of criminals who threaten national security. A stable and safe sociaety will provide a favourable business and investment enviroment. This will help better Hong Kongs development down the road” and that in a nutshell is frightening.

They ejected 3 members of the parliament this morning and the police have fired pepper pellets and made hundreds of arrests and the Chinese Army stand ready to “smash” protests. We know that those people who will fight for their human rights of freedom will now be charged under the subversion law and sadly we won’t see them again, and what are other leaders doing? Diddly squat. They come out with the idea of revoking the visas of Chinese students but is that it?

We need to cut off the financial chain to China as the more we depend on them, the more they will walk over the rights of millions of people because Hong Kong is the first. The first thing the PM should do is cancel the Huawei contract as China is doing it for just total control of our security and telecommunications and it is crazy to trust the Communist state with it, and I am with so many of the MPs who have called for it to be cancelled and it must be done.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry stated that “the decision to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong shatters China’s solemn promise in 1997 to respect Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedom”. Taiwan is standing by to offer support, but it must be a worrying time to know that they themselves are in the firing line of a country that will not be stopped.

I never thought that I would agree with Lord Patten who has stated that world leaders must stand up to Beijing and help Hong Kong. and that Britain must act over the “disgraceful breach of Chinas international obligations”.

China themselves blocked a UN Security council meeting on Wednesday, 27th May 2020 to discuss the legislation stating that it is “purely China’s internal affairs” and how alarming is it that China is allowed to sit on that council and block an investigation into what they do.

I back Lisa Nandy, the Shadow Foreign Secretary when she demands immediate action and the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab must call a meeting of nations to discuss what action to take against China, as failing to do so will result in the next country being lined up for them to take over…and who will stop them? I doubt spineless politicians will really say and do anything yet the articles of oppression are real.

Article 18 of the Basic Law says that the congressional Standing Committee (China) can add laws on defence, foreign affairs and other matters outside Hong Kong’s autonomy. National security falls into this…….Article 4 reads ‘When needed, relevant national security organs of the Central Peoples Government will set up agencies in Hong Kong to fulfil relevant duties to safeguard national security’ and that is a code for the secret police to commit terror attacks on the people of Hong Kong and it must be so worrying for the people to have this thrust on them with no rights and seemingly no one coming to their rescue.

This is a dark time for Hong Kong.

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