The KKK would be so proud….

The Mayor of Petal, about 90 miles from Jackson actually tweeted this about the murder of George Floyd……

Hal Marx states that we must not make assumptions about what the police were doing, yet makes the cruellest assumptions that George Floyd died with what must of been an overdose or heart attack….but overdose listed first, and what stands out for me is that he calls him THAT MAN…not Mr Floyd or my deepest condolences and wait to see what the inquiry brings…NOPE THAT MAN and OVERDOSE… that because the murdered man was BLACK?

He has deleted the tweet now not before people like me grabbed it and decided to show the world what a racist bigot looks like, and he is racist as he is actually defending those cops who murdered a black man in broad daylight and puts it down to an overdose.

No wonder black people in the USA often feel that they cannot find justice and I am with them on it, because with racist idiots like this in charge…they never will.

The KKK has a new poster boy now.

Hal Marx

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