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ian blackford

Ian Blackford SNP leader in the commons travelled over 600 miles to isolate away from his wife who lives in his constituency….after the lockdown had begun. Now maybe Mr Blackford would like to explain why he claims thousands for a tax funded flat in London and didn’t use it when isolating from his wife who has a lung condition?

Could it be that Mr Blackford is being a hypocrite? What I hear you say….never….well it seems so.

He had no child care that he needed help with, he did not have symptoms and yet felt the need to travel all that way and not be with his wife? My husband has a lung condition and I have no symptoms yet I am in the same house as him….I wonder why he chose different? Yet this is the same Ian Blackford who is screaming for the head of Dominic Cummings……

Stephen Kinnock made 2 visits to his parents not one, Tahir Ali attended a funeral with over 100 mourners despite knowing of the lockdown, Vaughan Gething who is Labours health spokesman in Wales went eating chips in the park with the family surrounded by people, the deputy mayor of Liverpool had family and friends round for a birthday party. Kevan Jones, Labour MP who attended a party, Alistair Campbell posed for a selfie with someone despite lockdown rules and social distancing, and finally Jeremy Corbyn who stopped and chatted on a footpath without social distancing….and guess what….no one has created especially the lefty media……nope they are too busy having a go at Dominic Cummings, who by the way the police said he did not break the lockdown rules with actually going to his parents house.

Keir Starmer screaming from the rooftops that Dominic Cummings need to be fired and if he was in charge he would be…well there is two things wrong with that….first Starmer is not in charge, and secondly he has openly ignored what his own MPs have done and actually promoted Stephen Kinnock to the shadow front bench….hmmm hypocrite in the first degree.

This is not about Dominic Cummings flouting any lockdown laws but it is infact an attack on the man who will pushed through Brexit and the remainers never ever stop, and I think they need professional help.

Boris says its time to move on and I for one agree with him….or else lets hold all those who are paid by the taxpayer to account for what they have done during this virus, and I can guarantee there will be more Labour and Dominic Cummings is not an MP and therefore as an adviser….just answerable to Boris…but the remainers can’t let that that get in the way of ultimately wanting to stop Brexit….watch out Mr Frost….they will be after you next with their antics.

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