Democracy being abused by our own MPs

How anti-democratic have the Lib Dems become?   Sir Ed Davey trying to sneak in a private members bill to force the government to seek a 2-year extension to the Brexit bill.  Absolutely outrageous that a party who got bounced at the last election and even lost their leader has tried something that borders on treachery.  Not only him but the leader of Plaid Cymru, the SNP and every other small party that does even add up to one hundred MPs. 

They have deliberately yet again gone against the wishes of the people and to write to Michael Barnier asking for a two-year delay smacks against everything democratic.  They lost, they lost big style along with the Labour Party and the British public voted for the Conservative party.

I know you get those north of the border shouting that the SNP won 48 seats….and good for them but it still makes them a small party and the centuries old United Kingdom is run from Westminster and like it or not they have to abide by the rules put down by Parliament and the people.  

The people borrow the MPs their vote for5 years and we gave Boris Johnson a clear mandate to get Brexit done and how sneaky and snidey to wait until both he and Dominic Cummings are having to isolate because of Covid 19….they don’t even have the convictions they stand by and do it openly and do you know why?  They hate democracy and they hate the fact that we the British voters voted for the only large party that would get Brexit done.

Nearly 4 years we have had of these clowns trying to thwart the will of the people and to continue to do so despite the leave side winning the referendum, and then a thumping majority for Boris after we had had enough of the remainer parliament, smacks of treachery and they should be hauled before the parliamentary system to explain why yet again they are trying to go against the people.

Parliament is only allowed to sit because we the people allow it too and when Parliament no longer speaks for the people, then we the people will be the ones who decide to get rid of it and I and many others thought we had rid the swamp of the treachery at the general election, yet it seems they cannot help themselves and the Lib Dems should be forced to change their names to the anti-democratic party as nothing their previous leader Jo Swinson and now the current acting leader Sir Ed Davey is doing is democratic.  They have 11 MPs and really are now becoming a boil on the backside of democracy and they need lancing.

Sir Ed Davey is supposed a knight of the realm ….what did he get that for ?  Services to Europe and I wouldn’t be surprised if Guy Verhofstadt put him forward for it….as Davey is certainly not acting in our interests, and it is outrageous that I as a taxpayer have to pay the over inflated wages and generous expenses of people who are trying to deny me my democratic vote.

The swamp still needs draining and it needs to start with the treacherous Lib Dems.  The country did not want them or Swinson…despite her telling everyone she could be the next PM….in her mad, mad world and that of the Lib Dems maybe but we don’t live in that world…and she had no chance.  I personally was delighted when she lost her seat as that meant the last of her, and instead her remaining hysterics has now passed over to the man who is acting leader.

Davey and the rest of the treacherous party must be made to apologise to the country for working with a foreign government to thwart the will of their people, and in any language that is treachery and he should be treated as an enemy of democracy as he and the rest of them just won’t stop.

It is almost as they are being driven mad by their own ideology that is fastly becoming totally undemocratic as we have seen in the tweets of Verhofstadt who wants the governments to give up their own democracy and just have the EU….he is not on his own as it seems it is the plan of the German leader too… that really what the Lib Dems want?  Yes they do…they want us to be a vassal of the EU with no decision making, to be landed with just about everybody who wants to come here for our generous benefits, where we will be forced to hand over billions and billions and leaving nothing for our structures.  They will also put the NHS in the selling bag as well because we are the only country in the EU to have it and they will force us to pay for everyone else.

I am fuming that my democratic choice and that of millions is so disregarded by a band of treacherous MPs and they cannot see that democracy means there are winners and losers, and they are losers and it is the nasty, sneaky way they have gone about it.

They do not deserve to sit in the same place as Churchill, Disraeli and Thatcher as they have proved themselves to be the enemy of the people time and time again,  and it is about time we the people took our democracy back and demand that they are removed from Parliament….because if you cannot trust them then they should not be sat there making decisions about our future as they are not doing it for the benefit of us but for their masters in Europe.

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