The people responded the only way they know…

The people of Minneapolis have rioted over the murder of a black man by cops.

I am not saying all cops are bad … infact 99% of cops in the USA are the best of the best, and I am a huge fan of the K9s and follow them on their various media pages, however these rotten cops need to be charged with murder as it was murder and committed in broad daylight and in front of witnesses brazen is that? The forces need to weed out all that is rotten to move on.

There is no room in the States for rotten cops as it is already a tinder keg with racial tensions, and yes black lives do matter and so does everyone else regardless of your colour and being poor increases your risk of dying at the hands of rotten practices.

It is shameful that there will now be a PR exercise to pass the buck, but the whole system needs changing or more innocent people will die

Rioting is all they have left and when people do that….there are problems welling and I for one am with the people. It’s totally outrageous.

RIP Mr Floyd and I pray your family and community get the justice that is so desperately needed.

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