The Dominic Cummings saga has grown into war and peace.

This is going beyond ridiculous now with the press having a witch hunt, a junior minister resigning….who by the way we have never heard of, and of course the faux outrage by Labour and Keir Starmer.

Keir Starmer again and again stating that there must be an enquiry into Dominic Cummings….oh plleasssseeee…… Labour have so little to do? If they must investigate Mr Cummings then there are Labour MPs who need the same investigation, and who as MPs should have known better. Mr Cummings is not an MP but an advisor to the PM….he does not sit in the house of commons thinking he knows better than us.

I know that people will shout well as an adviser he should know better but that is all he is an advisor and as such we should view it that way, funny how every newspaper, media hack and anyone who is disgruntled with the Conservative party is now jumping on the story. Even Alistair Campbell has accused Mr Cummings of lying….yep the same Alistair Campbell who as an advisor to the PM…you remember Tony Blair who between them lied to Parliament, sexed up a dossier to enable them to launch an attack that resulted in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. That same breakdown in Iraq caused the rise of ISIS…yep that Alistair Campbell…to be called a liar from him is ridiculous and lets face Mr Cummings isn’t actually responsible for killing anyone.

I had this same discussion on a political website when they were baying for the blood of Mr Cummings and I went back through each and everyone’s post where they had commented that they had been out and socialising with the family, and I then asked them. Do you think that everyone who has been out should be punished as they are asking for Mr Cummings….of course came the reply and then I cut and paste their comments.

The lack of responses afterwards showed that for most it is a case of don’t do as I do but do as I say……..they are only missing their pitchforks and burning whickerman.

Mr Cummings made a decision to go out but is it really worth the uproar? We have not seen the same uproar for the 3 labour MPs…infact with the media is was barely noticeable. The daily briefing was not dealing with the Covid questions but just more a legalised blood sport for the media looney left who still haven’t forgiven Boris for winning, and even less forgiving of him with Brexit….and their leftist credentials are there for all to see. So much for journalistic impartiality….it does not exist in the UK.

Our media is the most bias I have seen it for years and they have an agenda. Infact the funniest thing I have read is one former Tory MP who became a Lib Dem…..Dr Phillip Lee….demanding YES DEMANDING that Boris resigns. On what planet is this man on? With an 80 seat majority Boris is going to say “oh ok old chap I am going”. These bitter and twisted ex MPs who have lost keep cropping up because the leftist agenda allows them too.

His career should have been buried along with the Lib Dem party and the Labour party. Nobody wanted them or him to have a say and thats why Boris has an 80 seat majority….

Boris is there to do a job, put there by the people and if he feels that he cannot be without his right hand man then I trust Boris, and this witch hunt is only satisfying the looney left and nothing else… lets move on folks there is nothing to see here.

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