Suffocated to death by the cops in broad daylight.

This makes for heartbreaking viewing. A man arrested on suspicion of forgery is held down by the cops and his NECK leant on for 6 MINUTES

George Floyd was arrested by the cops in Minneapolis and put to the ground, and a cop on his neck was totally ignoring his cries that he couldn’t breathe, and ignored the cries of those present to get off his neck. It is the hands in the pocket that horrifies me. …. not a care in the world that he is snuffing a man’s life out

Sadly Mr Lloyd died and 4 cops have been fired. Getting fired is not enough, they should stand trial for manslaughter. It is wreckless cops like them who undo the good that the majority are doing and building positive relationships.

Anything other than manslaughter charges is not good enough, and it is not the justice this so desperately needs.

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