She should really face a hate crime charge…….


Absolutely outrageous that Amy Cooper threatened and then carried out her threats to call the police on Christopher Cooper.

Mr Cooper is an avid bird watcher and was out and about in an area of Central park where a dog must be on a lead. He came across Ms Cooper (no relation) walking her dog in an area where the dog must be on a lead. The rescue dog was not very big but Mr Cooper being an avid bird watcher knows the damage that dogs can do on the wildlife and asked her very nicely again to put the dog on a lead.

She does no more than half strangle the dog pulling it away and then inform Mr Cooper that she is going to ring the police telling them that a black man was threatening her.

Thankfully Mr Cooper was filming her lies and I was astounded to hear her screaming that he was threatening her down the phone to the police. Can you imagine the scenario if Mr Cooper hadn’t of filmed it? He would have spent time in Rikers and been up before a court and the case of a white woman and black man??? It would not have ended well for him.

Thankfully she has now been fired from her job as to say it was racist is an understatement and she is a menace and quite rightly she should be banned from the parks, as what would happen if she comes across another black man doing nothing but viewing the wildlife?

Sadly the rights of some people in the USA are still catching up and I am not saying that everyone in the States is racist, infact there are many a good people who fight for the rights of everyone, but we don’t hear their stories just the appalling ones like this woman.

How sad that a black man cannot walk through a park and politely ask for a woman to follow the rules without being threatened with arrest. The dog who was half strangled has been returned to the rescue centre and hopefully she is banned from having an animal again as not only did she threaten a totally innocent individual, but the poor dog was thrown hear and there….totally irresponsible.

I hope Ms Cooper has time to reflect on what she has done and realise this is a harsh lesson learned and that is the colour of a person’s skin has nothing to do with who they are, and maybe spending time with some ethnic communities might change her preconceived racist tones and actually find that people are charming, friendly and a joy to know regardless of their colour, however there is the real hurt and outrage that she has raised and for that she must face a charge by the police.

I am with the Eliza Orlins, Lawyer on this…….

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