Suffocated to death by the cops in broad daylight. This makes for heartbreaking viewing. A man arrested on suspicion of forgery is held down by the cops and his NECK leant on for 6 MINUTES George Floyd was arrested by the cops in Minneapolis and put to the ground, and a cop on his neck was totally ignoring his cries that he couldn’tContinue reading “Suffocated to death by the cops in broad daylight.”

She should really face a hate crime charge…….

ttps:// Absolutely outrageous that Amy Cooper threatened and then carried out her threats to call the police on Christopher Cooper. Mr Cooper is an avid bird watcher and was out and about in an area of Central park where a dog must be on a lead. He came across Ms Cooper (no relation) walking herContinue reading “She should really face a hate crime charge…….”

The Dominic Cummings saga has grown into war and peace.

This is going beyond ridiculous now with the press having a witch hunt, a junior minister resigning….who by the way we have never heard of, and of course the faux outrage by Labour and Keir Starmer. Keir Starmer again and again stating that there must be an enquiry into Dominic Cummings….oh plleasssseeee…… Labour have soContinue reading “The Dominic Cummings saga has grown into war and peace.”

The way we shop will change….I know mine will but for how long?

Today we have found out that the majority of shops will reopen by the 15th June 2020 but are we all Covid scared of what could be lurking? I have already decided to continue my shopping online and have found a great place to get my flour, chilled and fresh fruit and veg delivered andContinue reading “The way we shop will change….I know mine will but for how long?”

Well this headline was always coming… Reading today in the Daily Express that China are preparing for War… first thought was is anybody really surprised? They have been segragating the South China Seas for many years depleting it off the natural resources despite the opposition of those countries bordering it. China now has its eyes set on Taiwan and HongContinue reading “Well this headline was always coming…”