Where is Transport for London’s money Mr Khan?


I am no fan of Sadiq Khan and his political point scoring is really very tedious but I could not believe what I was reading when he demanded, yes demanded billions from the Government today or else he was pulling the plug on TFL including trains, subway and buses.

How outrageous that a man who was voted in after a very successful previous mayor, i.e. Boris Johnson has run the transport system down to the point of it collapsing. Where is the money?

He states that revenues are down and I understand that but we all know the tube line is not cheap and what has been happening to the billions in profit from previous years? Has it been mismanaged to the point of collapse?

How dare this man hold the capital of Great Britain to ransom for his own political point scoring, and yet again he wants to blame the Government and Boris Johnson but this mess starts and stops with Khan. He was and is out of his depth and he always has been and that is why he tries so hard to deflect things from him……it is a typical politician thing to do and I hope that the people in London can see this and vote him out.

He stated only a short time ago that you are safe on the tube and yet TFL staff have passed away and he did nothing. He did not make sure that the staff had sufficient needs in PPE and on the 8th April 2020 hid behind experts claims that PPE should only be used in care settings, yet some bus drivers and todate 28 bus drivers have died are closer to the public than most people and yet he still refused to accept reality and did what he always does….bluffs it.

Mayor Khan should be removed from his post as the threat of bringing the capital to a standstill could cause financial havoc on an already precarious position and despite being warned and ignoring the fact that he needed to put on more transport, he is now going full nuclear and making threats that he cannot follow through as it would cause chaotic scenes with people trying to get to work and trying to get their lives back on track. Yet with this Mayor in charge the threats keep coming and can Londoners really live like that?

He is blaming the Government for not acting within the first 6 weeks but you only have to go through his response and despite asking that he takes control of the transport and PPE he hasn’t, infact he was confronted by the widow of a bus driver who had died of Covid 19 and no PPE which again he blamed on the Government….he never accepts his own responsibility…..he has done everything he can to create havoc.

He has cut transport to the bone and forced key workers to travel like sardines in a virus soaked world, and they wonder why London was the epicentre and what was Khan doing? Nothing as he went missing for 6 weeks and has not even attended meetings….it seems like Khan has done everything to ensure he did not go out…..afte all why risk it Mr Mayor?

When this virus is starting to disappear and London can get back to normal please look at the response of your Mayor and realise he has done nothing but pass the buck. He inherited a very prosperous city from Boris Johnson and through his awful mis managment he has put London at risk.

He doesn’t care about the people of London and all he cares about is carrying on his tax funded job and very nice expenses, and trying to blame the Government all the time. What has he done with the money from taxpayers? The money from TFL? Where is the PPE? Why did he reduce the trains knowing that the virus cannot be controlled on the transport? Why is he not being held to account for his poor management of the transport, the virus spread and the lack of concern for the TFL staff?

Only when he his held to account with no room to wiggle and blame others for his failings will the people of London and the grieving relatives finally see him for what he is……a bad choice for Mayor.

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