Lord Adonis gets it wrong AGAIN…


Andrew Adonis being ever faithful to his Master Tony Blair is calling again for the Brexit to be extended… He will have that written on his tombstone

Adonis has not held power because the people have never elected him, but rather his Lordship is for just being a chum of Blair’s. He stood once for the European elections and finished a miserable fourth. ..which should have told him then what the public think of him….but nope he has the skin of rhino and honestly thinks what he says matters….well Andrew old boy it doesn’t trust me it doesn’t.

I would love to find out what the reward is for people like him for trying to stop a democratic vote and decision.

He has remainer denial and he must spends his days thinking how to stop it….but he can’t and how ridiculous that he doesn’t even take into account the billions extra we would have to pay. I guess someone like him who is on the taxpayers gravy train dismisses that as worth it….WELL IT’S NOT.

We are OUT….and if the EU want a decent deal then they need to play nicely especially as they have almost destroyed our fishing industry…WELL NO MORE.

We will play fair but the EU won’t and in the world of Adonis that’s not right. We should roll over and give in as that is what he wants and shows how out of touch and irrelevant this man is.

If the EU won’t play nice then we walk simples….although wait for the shivering wreck of Adonis if that happens, as he would have witnessed something he is not used too….seeing a British backbone in action.

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